Through a journey of trying to incorporate more positivity into my life over the last few years, finding mantras to repeat during the hard days, or even weeks, was key to me finding my way. Nothing has yet to be more effect in my mind than finding the silver lining.

In life, we all go through experiences. And, as much as we don't always realize it, we have the power to choose how we react to those experiences. We can get angry and yell through our frustrations, or we can take that sometimes necessary step back and try to find the silver lining.

For me, I've always look through the lens of turquoise - a color that, as a creative, brings a sense of joy, happiness and calm into my life. Combined with your silver lining, I have given myself the power of not only finding the positivity in life, but also making sure it is filled with so much joy.

In the pursuit of waking up each and every day to enjoy this crazy & beautiful life, I hope to inspire others that finding their own turquoise linings can sometimes be the change they are looking for in their lives. I want people to know just how powerful they can be in life when they start to focus on how their own mind and thoughts start to influence not only their own world, but the entirety of the world around them.