Moving Positively Forward.

Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing


Coming from a perfectionist planner mindset, and someone who used to be hyper organized with everything, a quote like this has helped bring in the perspective of being open to what comes up in my life, and also not being so anxious about everything. Learning to be able to detach from negative moments in my life is something I have been striving to work through the past month. While it isn't always easy, it pays off when little steps of progress are able to be made.

When you fully look at our lives each day, you have to decide what will matter in the next year, or in the next five years. We all have those moments where we get a little bent out of shape from what might have gone on that day. Sometimes, we even let it affect us for the days following. But you can consciously ask yourself "Will this day/event/situation be a big deal in the next year?", most of the time we can answer no. And not to say all bad  things aren't worth having hard days over - we need those days as well. Those are the days that will help us grow into who we will be for the next five years. Even looking back on my own life and my own hard times, I would never go back to change them.


Because they had to have happened for a reason. They had to have happened because the Universe knew it would help to shape me into the person I am today. And that is how I am pushing myself positively forward. I found I don't like who I am as a negative person, and don't like when I find myself complaining, or picking out the negatives in life. It isn't worth it.

Life is worth living, and making the most of whatever may come our way.