Blogmas Day 24+25 / Currently: December 2015.

Merry Christmas! IMG_8826

And just like that, the official end of Blogmas is here! It has been a month I am proud of and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for the blog. I am planning to take the rest of December off so I can leave time to get inspired for what's to come with the TBP Blog Challenge on January 1st.

Here is a quick little Currently update for December, as promised! I've loved the consistency of these posts, so you better believe they'll be coming every month in 2016.

And remember - take time over the next couple of days to cherish the time spent with family and friends. Without them, this life wouldn't be as sweet as it is.

Current Book: Binge by Tyler Oakley. With my recent YouTube obsession has come down to reading books released by my favorite YouTubers. I've enjoyed each one of them, and Binge continues to bring a smile or a laugh to life when I need it.

Current Music: Troye Sivan. Especially the song 'Youth' from his album 'Blue Neighborhood'. The performance he delivered on Jimmy Fallon was stunning.

Current [Non]-Guilty Pleasure: Reading books over my lunch break. Best change I've made in my daily routine.

Current Celebration: A long weekend and spending time with family. I may have been a child that only thought Christmas was about gifts and a few family get-togethers, but oh how times have changed. This season brings so much excitement because of being able to spend time with family I don't always see often during the year.

Current Nail Color: I have a feeling this one won't make it into 2016. I'm quite certain if we were to look back at all Currently posts from 2015, not once were my nails painted. Here's to brainstorming a good replacement!

Current Drink: Spark has been a savior throughout this sleepier-than-normal month.

Current Food: There's been a slight obsession of roasted potatoes, either golden or sweet, with a little ketchup. It's been a good pairing with eggs for my breakfasts, as well as an easy carbohydrate to have in my lunch!

Current Obsession: Our new candles from Bath & Body Works, burned at the same time. I just started burning them last night, and I love it. Also, our fairy lights in the office - they bring a magical feeling to our home.

Current Wish: To see my sister and her little family very soon.

Current Need: Right now? I'm content. I can't seem to find anything in my mind that is worth putting down as a need. I have my family, my Matt, my Lumi and my friends. You really can't need anymore than that.

Current Bane of my Existence: Nada. This will be another leaving the currently posts. Makes me put focus on the negatives in life, and that's just no fun.

Current Indulgence: Can I just say this weekend? It isn't going to become a weekend of going absolutely crazy, but it will be one to enjoy. So far, homemade Oreo truffles have been the best indulgence this week. I'll get back to you on what may top it this weekend.

Current Purchase: Other than Christmas presents here and there over the last couple of weeks, and bread for the Yoki Christmas today, the purchases standing out to me are the ones becoming gifts for others. I'd post them here...but you never know who is reading!

Current Procrastination: This post, which I wanted to work on last weekend. Currently, though, getting ready for Christmas Eve at Matt's grandma's. Better get on that soon! Otherwise, I think getting our desk and buffet cleaned off. I'm hoping to use tomorrow as a day to get it all tidy.

Current Confession: I never want this long weekend to end. Being able to spend time with family, as well as have down time with Matt at home has been close to amazing.

Current Blessing: The Yoki Christmas tomorrow at my Dad's.

Current Excitement: Planning a trip to see my sister + nieces so very soon. Since they weren't able to make the trip up here this weekend, I'm hoping to head down there in a couple of weekends to have a belated Christmas celebration with them.

Current Holy Moly: A week from today (the 25th), it will be 2016!

Current Mood: So content with everything. And maybe a bit sleepy.

Current Link: Nothing to put here this month - it hasn't been a month of scrolling through articles.

Current Mantra: Believe in the Magic. Which I guess is more of a quote? My mom sent us a light up decor piece with that saying. It is definitely geared more towards the Christmas spirit, but I truly think it could be applied to every day.

Any suggestions on what to replace the current nail color and current bane of my existence with?