Blogmas Day 22 / Monday Night Confessions for Tuesday.

Hello Tuesday! I'd bet I'm not the only sitting here on this Tuesday, just waiting for Christmas Eve. Even when the month of December seems to have flown by, the days leading up to Christmas always seem to move a bit slower than the last couple of weeks. Except when it comes to gifts. I felt I was really planned out and would have most of my shopping done with a week or so to spare, but maybe that will be the goal for Christmas 2016.

I'd figure I'd take today to share a few confessions, as normal blog inspiration seems to have disappeared for this week. I attempted yesterday to plan out for the week, but couldn't think of anything for today. I figured any day is a good day for some good ol' confessions.

The Truth Is...

+ Holidays are much harder when your mom is a good 1,000 miles away.

+ Yoki Christmas makes the holiday season a little easier.

+ The mental exhaustion now is unexplainable.

+ I wish Vitamin Shoppe would get the Birthday Cake Lenny & Larry cookies back in stock.

+ We have begun another battle with our dishes (I'm not a fan of walking into the kitchen now).

+ A lot of dreams are being work towards and I can't wait to see what 2016 brings.

+ Cookies and milk make the toughest days so much better.

+ Conversations with my mom are never brief - and I like it that way.

+ Reading has been rekindled as a love of mine.

+ ROMWOD has become the best part of my evenings.

+ I'm reaching a place of peace with my CrossFit training decision.



What truth have you realized this week?