Blogmas Day 21 / Christmas Survey!

And just like that, Christmas is almost here! More than any gift, I am really looking forward to being able to spend time with family over the long weekend. It has been too long since my dad's family has all been together, so I'm very excited to spend most of Saturday with them! I figured with Christmas being this week, it only seemed right to include a little Christmas survey this week.


Favorite Christmas Movie?

Elf and the Grinch (with Jim Carrey) have always been two of my favorite movies to watch around the holidays - both of which I actually need to buy for myself. 

Favorite Christmas Song?

Carol of the Bells is one of my absolute favorites. I remember singing it in middle school choir, and it has always had a special place in my heart ever since. I actually really enjoy almost all Christmas songs, and am a total fan of the Christmas Pandora stations. 

White or Colored Lights?

I always get torn on this question! I'd have to say both? We had warm white lights on our tree last year, but since we've rearranged our furniture layout in our apartment since then, we have multi-color ones now. Overall, I really do think I prefer either the cool white or warm white. 

Real Tree, Fake Tree or No Tree?

Fake tree! We went no tree for two years, and it never made us feel like it was the holiday season. In the future, I would love to get a real tree; my dad usual has a real tree, and I always love the smell it brings to the house. 

Opening Presents - All at Once or Take Turns?

Take turns, always. I am quite certain we've never gone the other route. It made it more fun because you'd think really hard about what present you wanted to open next, but had to have a little patience as you waited for your turn. 

Stockings - Yes or No? 

Yes! This is the most memorable part of Christmas to me, opening our stockings straight away in the morning. Since my mom moved, I haven't really had one though, so Matt & I are starting a tradition of stockings for one another. 

Christmas Eve Traditions?

With separated parents, traditions ended up being swapped every other year. When with my mom, it would be her siblings at our house. A 'theme' for dinner would be decided, either traditional or Italian. We'd exchange presents with our cousins and then just enjoy each others company. After relatives left, we were allowed to open one present before bed.

If we were with my dad, it would sometimes vary. Some years we would be with his family, while others it was just "us", and we would have fun little snacks and open most of our gifts.

Christmas Day Traditions?

Depending on who we spent Christmas Eve with, we usually headed to the other parent's house during the late morning hours. Both homes were pretty similar in that we opened stockings and Santa presents. At my mom's, we would also open up our gifts from her as well.

I remember always have a special little breakfast at my dad's. And when we were really little, we would wake up super early, go down and grab our stockings and run back up into bed with our parents to open them. This is probably the most vivid childhood Christmas memory for me.

I always liked the little bit of variety between both homes!

How Did Santa Deliver Gifts?

Mom's - Santa used a different wrapping paper and put them underneath the tree.

Dad's - All divided up on the couch, either with or with a sheet over them. They were usually never wrapped. Santa brought all the super fun or special gifts.

Favorite Christmas Cookie?

Pepparkakor cookies, which are my mom's specialty. They are a swedish spice/ginger cookie, and are absolutely amazing. Which reminds me... I should probably attempt to make those soon.

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?

Tie for both? I was obsessed with egg nog growing up, but after my lactose intolerance became much worse, I preferred hot chocolate. Now, with almond/soy/coconut varieties of eggnog, I'd say it's an even tie during the Christmas season.

Workout on Christmas Morning or Take the Day Off?

I think it's always been a 'take the day off' day for me, usually because of driving or just wanting to get in as much family time as possible. But considering my crazy, early wake up time, I'll probably end up doing a ROMWOD on Christmas morning.

Christmas Pajamas - Yay or Nay? 

Nay, but it is something I want to change for next year. Zoe Sugg (also known as Zoella) had some adorable Christmas pajamas during her Vlogmas this year, and I really want to embrace that from December 1st to Christmas Day next year. Guess the time to buy them would be after Christmas this year...

When I have kids, I really want to start a Christmas pajama tradition with them.

What Do You Want for Christmas this Year?

Quite honestly, I just want to be around family. And yes, I did ask for a few specific gifts this year, but none of that matters if I don't get to spend the day/weekend with people I love.