Blogmas Day 20 / Sunday.

IMG_8792 Do you ever get it in your head you'll be able to accomplish so much in one day? You even manage to tell others the plans you have for the day ahead, and can see yourself doing every one of them.

But what happens when those little things go undone for that day?

You just move on from it. That's all it takes.

I set the standard high for my Saturday, and by the end of the night, I found nothing accomplished on my mental to-do list. To a certain point, I did feel a little upset about it. But I immediately stopped that thinking and remembered how our minds sometimes need complete downtime. How letting yourself relax and focus on either a movie, show or book can do wonders for the mind.

And as I woke up on this Sunday morning, I could already feel the benefit from letting myself recharge on Saturday. I started my day with a few YouTube videos and going through my email. I managed to get a nice breakfast put together before Matt and I headed out to an 8am (!!) showing of Star Wars : The Force Awakens (we were both blown away with how good it was and I couldn't stop sighing and saying wow as we drove away from the theater).

From there, we headed to Target and Mount Royal Market to get our grocery shopping done for the week - and didn't even have a list! I think because of Christmas this week, it made shopping a little easier since most of our meals are already planned for. A little Starbucks run to brighten up the rest of our morning, and we were home. Matt dealt with our slippery stairs outside and his car, while I put away the groceries, made lunch and sat down to watch the SacconeJolys. Finally managed to get our laundry started and brought the recycling and trash.

Am I surprised it is only 1:53pm now? Yes, yes I am.

See, even when we have those days where we can only manage to recharge and relax, the next day can hold so much in it, as long as we allow it to and let positivity take over.

So here's to you - if you are spending the day getting through your to-do list or relaxing on the sofa with some Netflix on - enjoy it. Enjoy what each day brings and embrace it to its fullest. This life is too short to live in a fog of negativity.