Blogmas Day 18 + 19 / Two for One.

Something I've learned about myself and blogging since beginning Blogmas: Friday and Saturday shouldn't have a place in my posting schedule. By Thursday night, my mental capacity seems to just be "done", so nothing gets scheduled for Friday. Then Friday night comes along, and my body just shuts down and sleeps, so Saturday gets skipped as well. And even when Saturday holds many more hours to work on posts, I usually find myself recharging by either watching Netflix or catching up on blogs. The struggle is real. And while I managed to get caught up with separate posts last weekend, I am deciding to combine Friday and Saturday this weekend since it just makes things a littttle easier. Plus, I want to wrap up some presents tonight.

I'd thought it would be fun to add up the days (18 + 19) and give you 37 thoughts on life or about me!


1 / Fairy lights always make rooms more cozy.

2 / Early morning hours are my absolute favorite, especially when there is a stunning sunrise.

3 / My mom is my best friend.

4 / I easily get paralyzed because of wanting to do too much.

5 / I hope to get better at slowing down and just doing; now, it comes and goes in waves.

6 / Becoming a life/health coach is my dream and 2016 is my year to start making that reality.

7 / Christmas hasn't really been the same since my mom moved. Missing her a lot this week.

8 / The dirty dishes in our kitchen make me a little crazy.

9 / I'm a little notorious for hoarding links, and never going through them. *adds reminder to planner to go through them soon*

10 / This MacBook Pro might need  upgraded soon.

11 / Socks are one of my least favorite things in life.

12 / Almond milk hot chocolate with caramel, only from Pelican Coffee, is my new obsession.

13 / I'm terrible at remembering to cut my nails when they are long.

14 / I dream of living in Europe.

15 / Pretty much any movie with Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite - especially Silver Linings Playbook.

16 / I've started to feel a little lost at the end of this year.

17 / Sunday mornings are my favorite.

18 / Rekindling my hobby of reading has been the best change in my life.

19 / I have a bad tendency to fall asleep during movies.

20 / I'm a tad OCD and embrace it completely.

21 / Orchids are my favorite flower but I'm terrible at keeping them alive.

22 / The sound of my computer humming irritates me slightly.

23 / I never thought following YouTubers would bring so much inspiration in my life.

24 / We've had our Lumi kitty for one year and a day.

25 / I have this dream of transforming our second room into a cozy space - project for 2016?

26 / I've finally started to consciously save up for my CFL1, as well as an Upstanding Desk for our home.

27 / Minions make me smile.

28 / Right now, All I really want is a week off at home.

29 / I hope to start reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up soon.

30 / Cuddly lap kittens while typing blog posts are the best.

31 / If I could change one thing about myself, it would be being able to digest dairy again.

32 / Notebooks and pens are my weakness when shopping.

33 / I'm becoming better at living with the little bits of clutter.

34 / Sleep has been the most dramatic change for me this year, and I couldn't be happier.

35 / I get an odd satisfaction after fully using a product - shampoo, soap, coconut oil, etc.

36 / I love being left-handed.

37 / Becoming more positive over the last year has been one of my best accomplishments.