Blogmas Day 17 / Thinking Out Loud #9

The sleepiness is so strong tonight, so I'm going to attempt to keep this intro short and get right into the thoughts. I planning to get in my ROMWOD session and head to bed. I've made some adjustments in my daily routine, and it has led to reduced stress and increased happiness. Anyways - now on to the thoughts... Thinking-Out-Loud2

[ Thanks for hosting Amanda! ]

1 - With my back being a little off since last week, I've taken it easy for WODs this week in between going to my chiropractor. It's amazing what a little deep tissue massage and a few adjustments can do. My goal is to have an appointment for every month so I don't have any more days/weeks like this. I took rest days on Monday and Wednesday, and both felt so glorious. New plan after talking with my chiro? Monthly appointments to keep everything in check. Is it nerdy to be excited about that?

2 - Duluth finally gave us some snow today, more than halfway through December (by a day)! I hadn't realized how bleak it had been outside until there was a blanket of white snow - a little bit of beauty has finally been restored.

3 - On the topic of snow, I finally went out for a caramel hot chocolate. The day of our first big snow felt like the perfect day for a treat after work. It was from Starbucks, and certainly satisfied the craving, but it didn't compare to the caramel hot cocoa I had at Pelican Coffee. Looks like another coffee date is in my future.


4 - Seriously counting down the days until Friday after work. After an unusual and abnormal weekend (for me) I need another to recharge. And with our Christmas social tomorrow at work, I know I'll need just a little extra rest as. I'm looking forward to: blogging, watching movies, organizing, and finishing up my Christmas game plan. Better late than ever on the present part, right? Oh - and we may or may not being going to Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Sunday at 8am.

5 - My momma sent me the most amazing early Christmas present. When I read the email from Starbucks about the Dot Local Collection for 2016, seeing the special tumbler for Florida jumped out at me. It immediately made me think of my momma. The bright colors seemed so fitting, as she is one person that helps me find my way back to the bright things in life when I am down. As my mom said "It totally is you".



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