Blogmas Day 15 / Be The Light.


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The biggest dream I have for myself is to become a coach, one who holds experience in coaching both health and life. I dream of being able to help others push through their negativity and find the positivity they certain hold within. It just takes realize it's there, and that they have the power to put their focus on the positives, instead of letting negativity take control of their thoughts.

When people have asked me why I want to become a coach, the usual answer goes along the lines of wanting to help others, and wanting to help them make positive change in their lives. I had wished there was a better way of saying it, a way to explain the complexity in being a support for someone.

Finding this quote brought all my thoughts full circle.

 It encompasses what I want my work to involve, what I want to represent as a coach. I want to help build others up and show them the amazing light they carry into this world each and every day. My hope is to teach them how to remove their insecurities one by one, and find ways to show them how worthy they are of having an enjoyable life that brings them joy.

If there is anything worth working for in 2016, it is bringing myself closer to become the coach I dream of being. It means taking leaps into the voids that scare me, and conquering the fears that sometimes paralyze my actions. It means taking steps and finding resolutions to whatever is holding me back.

Life is too damn short to live behind a curtain of fear.