Blogmas Day 14 / Win Some, Lose Some.

After a packed weekend and a late start to my Sunday, I didn't have the chance to get as much done behind-the-blog as I had wanted. But, as the title clearly states - you win some, you lose some. Except I don't see it as losing. It just means life was being lived, which I sometimes forget is the most amazing part of being human. As I sit here on Monday night, trying to get a mini-post up for Day 14, I'm already planned out for the rest of the week. How I managed to get 3 posts ready to go, and get a head start on my ToL for Thursday, seems to be surprising me. At the same time, I'm not all that surprised. I've started to develop a passion for the writing I share and the consistent blogging is teaching me to follow what makes me most happy.

Honestly, that's pretty much it for what I have to share. I'm about to take off my makeup, eating a small snack and get some ROMWOD on before heading into bed. I'm in such a good place in Still Alice, so I'm hoping to make it through a few pages before falling asleep tonight.

I hope you had a week filled with little things that made you happy, and that you continue to find happiness throughout this week.


Because I know one morning of my week will involve this beautiful almond milk caramel hot chocolate.


What was your last 'win some, lose some' moment?