Blogmas Day 13 / Late on Sunday Night.

It's 11:04pm, which means I technically have about 56 minutes to officially get this post done for it not to be late. We will see how this goes.

And this is the first time during Blogmas I have reached a blank when I've started to add a new post. Maybe it's because my back is bugging me, or because I put a lot of energy into food prepping, but I'm finding myself quite exhausted on this Sunday night.

Being a smart athlete, I'm planning to start ROMWOD in the morning, see my chiro after work and get back after it in the gym come Tuesday. I sometimes find it hard to rest, but have become better realizing the benefit a rest day can have - not just on the body, but on the mind as well. I'm already planning out a little bit of my morning so I can have proper time to enjoy it before I head off to work.

After two later-than-normal nights on Friday and Saturday, I think my body is just a little screwed up in regards to knowing when to get ready for sleep. There used to be a time in life where I would get so upset about this, but really, what is that worth? Will it matter in five years that I didn't go to bed early on this one Sunday night?

Probably not.

I know have the mindset to own it, and to really search for its silver lining. In this situation, it allowed me to watch The Day Kennedy Died with Matt and to put some time into the blog and sorting my emails.

Other than feeling I crammed a lot of prep into my evening instead of relaxing, today was a wonderful day. I was able to sleep in a little, spent the morning watching YouTube, and the afternoon just hanging out with Matt. We even managed to get groceries, which we sometimes push to Monday because leaving the house on Sundays is hard. I'm looking forward to next weekend, as it will allow more time for much needed relaxation in preparation for the longer Christmas weekend.

As for the week ahead? Lots of smart rest for my back and more time on the blog. And, as always staying positive and happy. Can't let the negativity get you down. My eyes are now getting sleeping, and sentences are starting to not really make much sense, so I'd say it's time to sign off. Thanks for reading this randomness. Tomorrow should start with more normal programming that should follow the entire week.