Blogmas Day 12 / How Do You...

Is it weird to be coming back oh-so-soon for a post, since I just chatted a bit with you around noon? I hope not. As easy as it would have been to just bundle up three days into one post, that wasn't my intention when starting out on this Blogmas journey. I wanted the challenge of getting a post up every day until Christmas, and this is the only way it can truly be done. Awhile back, Duluth Pack posted being desk side with some of the key players in their business. I loved the quirky little survey questions, and it had me thinking about what gets me motivated on my way of doing "work" with my blog and life. And if you are wondering what fuels me when it comes to getting things done, a chocolate mint Clif Builder paired with chilled vanilla almond milk is pretty much amazing for some blogging energy.


How Do You...

Start Your Morning? On non-CrossFit days, I usually start my day with my tumbler of water, a class of Spark, and kitten snuggles. Then it's checking emails and watching YouTube for happiness and inspiration.

Stay Motivated? I think when you have a passion for what you do, and knowing the happiness it brings to your life, it just comes. There are days where it is hard, and usually I will take a break from trying to create.  As I move towards bigger goals, it then becomes more about wanting to build something amazing to share with the world.

Get Inspired? By reading articles that relate to what I'm most passionate about; Reading blog posts of inspiring women (sometimes one word they say can spark an entire post!); Watching YouTubers that have built up their lives by completely following their dreams.

Challenge Yourself? The biggest way I can challenge myself is by not letting my fears take over my life, and finding ways to live those fears to create a stronger me.

Motivate Others? This doesn't completely pertain to my own blogging, but in regards to some of my blends (bloggers-turned-friends), I believe by supporting them, it can certainly help them stay motivated to continue creating content.

Find Personal Balance? By far, the hardest part of blogging for me, but I believe I am getting better! By blocking out time to work on blog stuff, it helps me fill in those other blogs with what I need to do to stay balanced in life. Whether this means watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, taking a cookie + almond milk break, or even doing chores, I feel more balanced. Plus, a lot of inspiration and ideas can come in those moments.

Stay Organized? For Blogmas this year, I printed out a calendar of December to keep track of post ideas and when I wanted to get them up. For the rest of the year, I really rely on my planner to get posts up (when I've been able to do a few consistently). In the new year, I am really hoping to put my GTWB (#getttoworkbook) to work, as well as learn more during the TBP Blog Challenge!

End Your Day? I take my Pure Pharma M3, type out five things I am grateful for on my Notes app, set my alarm for the next day and then read. The reading is the most crucial; it has been helping me to fall asleep much easier after so many bouts of insomnia a couple of months ago.