Blogmas Day 11 / Gratitude of the Past // February 2012

Sincerest of apologies for the delay in my Blogmas posts since Friday. I failed to plan any posts out for what became a busy weekend. My goal for today? Get next Friday and Saturday's posts planned out so I don't have to worry when the weekend becomes busier. I felt awesome about being so ready for Monday through Thursday - and then all was lost for the weekend. I wanted to get two posts up this morning/early afternoon, and will be back on schedule this evening with my final post to get me caught up. And while my draft bin is full, there are only a few posts I am able to immediately get ready. I loved finding an old notebook I had used for a gratitude journal back in 2012; it made me think back to what life was like then, and how life has changed in some ways. I am actually planning on starting another one up for 2016 after being challenged to find 5 things I am grateful for right before Thanksgiving. I've kept up with it on my Notes app, but want to transition back over to a small notebook in the new year.

I hope you enjoy!



  1. A new beginning.
  2. Being able to become closer to my dad.
  3. My health & the health of Matt.


  1. Coffee dates with close friends.
  2. A clean & tidy apartment.
  3. Watching Star Wars with Matt. =)


  1. Having the time to read books that I enjoy.
  2. Late night dinners at Pizza Luce.
  3. My amazing oGorgeous bag from Matthew.


  1. Cold Stone tip money.
  2. Great friends.
  3. MOM.


  1. Having Matt's arm around me and a shoulder to lean on.
  2. Spaghetti dinners with Matt.
  3. Becoming closer with Kim & Chelsey.


  1. Feeling better and working out again.
  2. Matt helping me while I am sick.
  3. An ice cream for all the hard work.


  1. Crazy dance moves with Matthew.
  2. Banana bread.
  3. UMD and all of the opportunities it has to offer.


  1. My loan money that keeps me safe and secure.
  2. The smell of Matt.
  3. The food in my fridge.


  1. Leftovers.
  2. Good laughs with Attitudes girls.
  3. Hot chocolate.


  1. Cold Stone vent sessions in the backroom.
  2. Enjoying Star Wars with my Matt.
  3. The Brewhouse. <3


  1. Morning snuggles with Matt.
  2. My peacock phone case!
  3. Having friends over at our apartment.


  1. Matt & I's little messenger mailbox.
  2. Coming home to clean dishes.
  3. Breaking Dawn! <3


  1. My Matthew - for driving me around and buying me a meal.
  2. The taste of amazing water.
  3. Finding my peacock phone holder.


  1. BOGO at Caribou! And going there with a close friend.
  2. Errands excursions with Matt.
  3. A night of amazing pizza and hot cocoa.


  1. For 20 healthy years of my life.
  2. All of the happy wishes I've received from friends and family.
  3. To the small celebrations that are to come.


  1. Great jokes and laughs at Attitudes.
  2. Mint ice cream at Cold Stone.
  3. Chocolate. Covered. Strawberries.


  1. Days off with Matthew.
  2. My homemade birthday cake.
  3. Bed conversations with M.


  1. Homemade crepes.
  2. A fantastic food spread from the Great American Place - The Duluth Grill.
  3. Breaking Dawn, part 1! =)


  1. My amazing birthday gifts from Matt.
  2. Leftovers! (pizza + Duluth Grill)
  3. My daily blog readings.


  1. Another homemade, AMAZING spaghetti dinner.
  2. New pictures of M & myself.
  3. A week off of teaching.


  1. The healthy food I am able to consume.
  2. My motivation for productivity.
  3. A hot shower after a killer Jillian Michaels workout.


  1. Spending time with my mom.
  2. Having Jade in my life.
  3. My healthy tears.


  1. Hot cocoa with marshmallows.
  2. Amazing YouTube videos of singers.
  3. A good run. =)


  1. Mornings with Matt.
  2. Banana Nut Cheerios.
  3. Movie Night! Complete with candy & popcorn.


  1. Being able to sleep in.
  2. Satisfaction of a clean(er) apartment.
  3. Yummy toast.


  1. Dance. Central. Two. =)
  2. Pizza picnic.
  3. Snow.


  1. The people I work with at Cold Stone.
  2. A comfy bed.
  3. The snuggles I get from Matt before bed.


  1. The nights Matt stays in.
  2. Knowing the night will come fast enough.
  3. That my dreams aren't reality.


  1. A UMD snow day.
  2. A good night's sleep with no bad dreams.
  3. Getting my hair done by the one and only Dereck.


Three things you are grateful for on this Sunday!