Blogmas Day 10 / Thinking Out Loud #8

Can someone please explain to me why last tonight feels like a Friday? Seriously. I don't know what happened at the start of this week for life to get so thrown off. By 10pm, I'm usually either fast asleep or definitely getting droopy eyes whilst lying in bed. Not the case last night. I was wide awake - and totally owning it. Since today is my rest day, going to bed early wasn't as crucial as on the days when I have to wake up at 4:35am. But let's get right to it - no reason to delay any longer! Thinking-Out-Loud2

[Thanks for hosting Amanda!]

1 - I'm not one to make lofty New Year's resolutions, with the reason being I become completely discouraged when I don't carry out exactly what I had planned out. And while wasting my energy on being upset, I'm missing what is happening around me, and, more importantly, living in the present and being content with who I am as I am. Instead, I pick a word to build and live my year around. I think I've finally decided on my word for 2016, and I can't wait to share it with you on January 1st!

2 - Sleep has been a little odd this week. Even though I'm getting around 7 hours each night (despite waking up at 4:35am), I can't seem to shake the sleep out of my system. You know how baby's go through sleep regression early on? I feel like my body is having its own little regression this week, and not giving me the rest I would like to feel at the gym in the morning. I'm hoping by having a rest day today, it might level out my sleep a little. [update: I don't really think it did...]

3 - This Saturday, CrossFit Aerial (my gym!) is hosting Sam & Jenn Dancer for a SAMINAR! I'm beyond excited to spend six hours with them, and not just for learning how to move better, but to also learn more about just living better. After hearing Sam on the Girls Gone WOD Podcast a few weeks ago, I can't wait to hear him talk in person.

4 - Never been one to get done with my Christmas shopping early, but it certainly looks like that will be happening this year! I definitely need to keep in mind next year to get ready to do a lot of it over the weekend following Thanksgiving. [ link! ]

5 - Honestly, who would've thought by accepting the challenge of Blogmas this year, it would actually spark more inspiration for writing more than ever? I am thoroughly enjoying getting posts ready for the future. And while I could share them during the next 14 days, some of these posts deserve their own light, instead of sharing the spotlight with Blogmas.

6 - Another update from the blog side of life: I am joining in for TBP Blog Challenge 2016 [join in here]...and I CANNOT wait. While both of these challenges have brought up some fear in me, by jumping in and doing them, I am surprising myself. I just have to realize my confidence and own it.

7 - And here is me leaving. I'm hoping to tidy up our apartment before getting ready and heading off to work for the day. A little clutter doesn't really bother me too much, but it has gotten to the point where it is everywhere and, truth be told, it is making me a little anxious. So let's get about remedying that! See you tomorrow my friends!


What sort of plans do you have this weekend? 

Are you feeling the effects of an off-week this week? 

The New Year - do you make resolutions or focus on one word all year?