Blogmas Day 9 / These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

This week is playing some hardcore games with my mind. You usually have a feeling it'll be a struggling sort of week when you think tomorrow is Thursday, and it's only Wednesday. The good news? The darn Tuesday is out of the way. Anyways - still going strong with my survey plan for the week. I still am going to manage to put a ToL post out tomorrow, so there's an opportunity to just brain dump whatever is on my mind. For today, there really is nothing like a simple compilation of all my favorite things. As I went through this list, I even found myself having to stop and think since the answers didn't always come to mind right away. [Thanks Riley for sharing this idea!] IMG_6414

Place / Anywhere on the Lakewalk in Duluth.

Person / My momma.

Color / Turquoise (obviously).

Food / Real food: sweet potatoes. Not-so-real-food: Clif builder bars.

Smell / Clinque Happy - always reminds me of my momma.

Book / The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Movie / Silver Linings Playbook.

Music Artist / Adele + Jack's Mannequin.

Genre of Music / Songwriter. Alternative. Pop.

Genre of Literature / Realistic Fiction.

Magazine / Real Simple.

Texture / Lumi's fur.

Time of Day / Early morning.

Day of the Week / Sunday.

Blog / So hard to pick just one - I'd have to say...Anna Saccone.

Things to do when Bored / Organize. Read blogs. Catch up on YouTube.

Celebrity / Jennifer Lawrence.

Drink / Water or Spark.

Precious Stone / Pearl and amethyst.

Animal / Pandas and turtles...and Lumi kitty.

Flower / Orchid.

Time in History / I truly like to just learn about it all.

Font / My handwriting.

TV Show / Pretty Little Liars + Gilmore Girls + Gossip Girl.

Play / I really liked Twelve Angry Men when we read through it in school.

Musical / Rent.

Fruit / Pears.

Vegetable / Broccoli.

Store / Express.

Article of Clothing You Own / My cozy grey Merona sweater.

Fashion [or] Style / Simple. Classic. Comfortable.

Workout / CrossFit.

Quote / Positive Vibes Only.

Historical Figure / JFK comes to mind.

Boy’s Name / Henry.

Girl’s Name / Kensington.

Ice Cream Flavor / Mint.

Season / Fall.

Month of the Year / October.

Memory / Daycare.

Dessert / Gelato (totally worth the tummy ache).

Language / French always sounds so beautiful.

Things to Learn About / Health and nutrition.

Thing About Yourself / Positivity.


Take five of the above and tell me YOUR favorites!