Blogmas Day 8 / Would You Rather...

It's official - I'm taking the (slightly) easier route in blogging this week. The plan? To finally do all the survey-esque posts sitting in my drafts folder and fill them out for you. I had planned on compiling some of my more thoughtful posts for this week, but when other plans came up this weekend, I didn't have as much time to sit down and plan out the week. So here's to getting all of these fun posts ready ASAP, so I can delve into some deeper thought for next week's posts. IMG_8680

On a side note: Have you ever thought of how crazy it is that we can change our thinking? In the past, I would have become so upset with myself for not planning/making time for scheduling blog content. Because if life didn't go exactly how I thought it should, I should get super upset; I'm pretty sure Past Kelsey would have followed this route. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't (and isn't) the end of the world.

So as Current Kelsey, I'm taking this poor planning moment to publish the drafts sitting dormant since spring. Now if that isn't a positive spin on life - I don't know what is! Today's "Would You Rather" is courtesy of one of my blends, Allie.


1. Sweat for 20 minutes daily or do 3 hour-long session each week?

20-minutes daily. I've come to know myself enough that being able to get in a WOD in the morning helps me set up my days so much better. If I only had that chance three days a week, my mental state might not be in such a relaxed or positive state. It's interesting to think back to the beginning of my healthy lifestyle journey. If this question had been asked during this time, I would have, without a doubt, picked the hour-long sessions - because, more calories burned. Thankfully, this isn't what healthy is to me anymore.

2. Whip up a meal or have someone cook for you?

Someone cook for me. Even though I have no issue cooking my own meals, I've always said a personal chef would be kind of amazing to have. You'd be able to get any meal you desired, and wouldn't have to worry if you were cooking it right (part of the reason we don't eat much fish/seafood in our home.) And, no one said I couldn't help out if I wanted...

3. Take an active vacay or zen out?

During this season of life, I would choose zen out. I've had both in some respects, but just imagining a full vacation of complete relaxation sounds much more glorious than consistently being active and doing WODs most days. I imagine being in a lodge-setting in Colorado during the fall, and being able to just ease through my days.

4. Reflect on the past or look forward to conquering the future?

Look forward to conquering the future. Always. Reflect on the past puts me in such a negative mindset and is a big contributor to my feelings of depression. And while looking to the future can bring up anxiety for me, I've somehow managed a way to not let that always happen. We obviously don't have control on what becomes our past and some of the events that happen in our future, but I believe we have a little more control on the decisions we make, and how they can affect our future. What we decide today will impact our future - we just have to decide if we want it to be positive or negative.

Take one of the four questions from above and give me your response!