Blogmas Day 7 / Today I Am...

Good morning & happy Monday!


Such a beautiful sunrise this past Saturday!

After a weekend of mostly relaxing, with a touch of food prep and errands, I didn't managed to get as much done for the blog this week as I would like. So instead of stressing about my Monday post for day 7 of Blogmas 2015, I figured a little fill-in-the-blank survey would be quite fun. I have a few of these sitting in my drafts, and while I know my 'currently' post follows a similar format, my plan is to keep these answers a little more brief. This particular one is from one of my good blends, Julianna!

And I just realized I haven't done a currently post for December - blogger fail. December might be the month to wait until closer to Christmas, since my answers may change-up more than normal.

Anyways, today I am...

Excited About: A coffee date Matt and I have planned for next weekend.

Loving: My evenings off.

Reading: Still Alice. 

Sipping: Unsweetened almond milk (with gluten- and dairy-free cookies!)

Dreaming About: Building this blog and becoming a health/life coach.

Oogling: Over mala beads and a new wardrobe. 

Wondering: What the WOD will be for tomorrow morning.

Loving: My new habit of no phone during my lunch breaks and book instead.

Wishing I Was Watching: YouTube on loop - so many videos during vlogmas!

Thinking About: How the week will go. 

Wanting to Make: Plans for a mother-daughter trip. 

Looking Forward To: A few long weekends to come! 


Comment below with your happenings on this Monday!