Blogmas Day 6 / Sleepless Thoughts.

IMG_8732 Once upon a time, I was horrible about sleep. It wasn't until I took some big steps towards my sleep hygiene that it started to change. After reading article upon article about how to 'sleep better', one idea stuck right from the get go: keeping a notebook on your nightstand. Hear me out:

Sometimes, my brain doesn't shut off. It's either all worked up on something that happened during the day, or is obsessing about what needs to be done or remembered the next day. The handy notebook trick allows me to spit out all of those thoughts so I can actually fall asleep. Most days, it's usually just a list of things I'd like to get done, food to bring to work, or if I'm heading on a trip soon, items I need to fall on my packing list.

But every once in a while, little gems find their way into that notebook. Little quotes I want to remember, or a mantra that may help in the future when the swirling thoughts won't leave. And because I'm in the midst of trying to simplify our apartment, why not share those little bits of wisdom with you? So without further ado...


Your journey is amazing. Keep remembering that. It is uniquely you, which makes it the most amazing.

Enjoy this life. Enjoy every beautiful moment you are blessed with. Stop comparing your moments and milestones with others.

Be content.

Take the time to read. To enjoy Netflix. To cuddle with your kitten. To spend time with your friends. To share stories and struggles with others.


Accept it. This is part of living with anxiety.

You are okay. You can work through this.

Stop the comparisons. You are enough. Always.

Be happy with however your days pan out.

Become who you know you can be.

Be present in yourself.

Be you and be fearless.

Make yourself bulletproof.


Don't let your mind overpower you -- YOU are in control, my dear.


Remember - it is the work you put in. [Bob Harper]


You have it all under control; let your mind rest and reset in the hours to come.

The day will be ready when you wake up.

The lists will resume once you start the new day.


Love yourself.



While these may seem cheesy to some, it is sometimes the simplest of thoughts to get us through the hard moments in life. My hope is that you've enjoyed at least one of these little sayings, and maybe one rang so true in your life right now it will become a daily mantra.

You never realize how strong the words you say to yourself are - you just have to believe in their positivity.