Blogmas Day 5 / Oops.

The whole staying on top of posts was going fantastic for Blogmas - until Saturday hit and I didn't realize I hadn't published anything before heading off to bed. Oops. So instead of taking the easy route, and publishing one post to cover this weekend, I figured I'd just put two posts up today! Because why not. It's the weekend, and at least for now, it seems there is so much time left in the day.

The plan for this post? Set a timer and just quickly type whatever comes to mind. I have a feeling it might not be the best post I put out there, but the challenge is very welcomed, as I don't have any drafts ready to go and figured this might be the quickest way for a post to get up this morning. I'll plan to publish the pre-planned Blogmas post this afternoon to get me caught up. So without further ado...


Timer Length: 15 minutes


Considering my MacBook battery seems to be poorly, we'll see if she can last just a little while longer for me to get this post written up, edited (slightly) and off to being published to the blog. I mean, 25% should (realistically) last for 15 minutes...

But you never know! Especially when your Mac is almost 5 years old.

Weekends are a little odd in how they seem to fly by, which could most likely be contributed to the fact you are filling up the day with relaxing and little activities you enjoy doing. Just right before I headed off to bed last night, Matt and I were talking about how could it be Sunday tomorrow?! And just before we know it, it will be Monday morning. I think we've both been pretty good about balancing out our weekends lately with getting things done, as well as taking the time to sleep in and relax as well.

For some reason, my mind is ahead of itself in regards to time. I keep on thinking it is early afternoon, when it is actually still late morning. The best part about this happening? I feel like I still have so much of the day left AND I've already gotten some of our chores out-of-the-way! 2 out of 4 loads of laundry done, as well as about...85% of our dirty dishes & pans.

I still have to convince Matt to get groceries later on, but I can usually make that happen when I say "I've already got the list ready AND I planned lots of dinners with leftovers; we'll be in and out in under an hour". So I guess my next plan of action after finishing up this post is to actually make a list and get our dinners in order for the week ahead.

Wanting coffee last night could roll over into today, and I wouldn't be terribly disappointed. And while I don't think I'd be getting coffee...a hot cocoa sounds even better for me now. Welp. Looks like I may have to make that happen now.

Lumi just walked across the keyboard, and managed to mess with the brightness of the screen, mute the speakers AND open iTunes. Must be nice to just jaunt across a keyboard. Mind you, this was after saving her from her sad meows from in the sink...where nothing was happening to her? I can understand the meows when she gets herself stuck in an odd place. Exhibit A - When she jumped on the radiator in our bathroom, and got her front paws on the windowsill...and didn't exactly know the safest way to get down. I do like to think she sometimes just wants a little extra attention and cuddles. Which is probably highly unlikely in the cuddle department since we have a tendency of picking her up a bit...oh well - we like to think she takes it as how much we love her.

Our little Christmas tree has been up since December 1st, but still has yet to be fully decorated. We had to invest in some battery-powered lights, and managed to only buy one box. Let's just say it looks a little silly with one strand of lights. Plan is to get more this week/next weekend. In the meantime, it has still managed to make our living room feel a little more Christmasy. Just waiting for the day to have our own house and be able to decorate a touch more than we do now.

And would you look at that - a minute and thirty seconds left, and I've managed to put together a decent length post. Also, I have to apologize again for the lack of photos recently. The new update to Photos on the new Mac operating system doesn't exactly make it easy anymore to get photos organized.

That's it! The timer is buzzing - thanks for reading through such a random post!