Blogmas Day 3 / Thinking Out Loud #7

Quite a few numbers to round out a title, eh? Wanted to keep things mentally organized for myself and for the blog. Trust me - it will always be better this way. Oh, and I apologize for the random/lack of photos in these posts. Something goofy is going on between MacBook and iPhone, which I'm planning to resolve this weekend. In the meantime, I'll work with what I've got! But without further ado, lets just get to the thinking out loud. Don't want to waste any good thoughts in the intro! If this sounds foreign to you, go and visit Miss Spoons' blog for a little update on what ToL is all about.


1 - Blogmas is going amazing. Yes, it's only day 3,  but considering I'm planned out until midweek of next week, I think I'm doing well. I honestly think my mind just needed a little challenge to actually follow through on finishing drafts of posts.

2 - Sometimes it takes being without heat for almost 24 hours for you to really appreciate how amazing it is. After our apartment turned into an icebox on Monday night, it was glorious to come home after work Tuesday to a warm home. Even Matt commented how lovely it is to come home to the warmth.

3 - Wednesday morning I woke up right at 4am. Which I guess was a bit of a blessing, since I didn't set my alarm if I had wanted to head to the gym. After falling asleep in our living room for about four hours, and then heading to bed for another four, my mind was just ready to wake up. So I did - and got a lot done. I caught up on YouTube while meal prepping, washed dishes and managed to tidy up a little as well!

4 - I have somehow been able to find energy after work, when in the past, I would just collapse into a sleepy heap on the comfy bench in our living room. I don't know if it is a change in mindset, with the knowledge that I can do what I put my mind to, but it is greatly appreciated. Certainly hoping it lasts through the rest of the week!

5 - Something really has gotten me into the spirit of Christmas, and I spent a good 10 minutes after work today looking for a Christmasy phone case - Casetify might be seeing some business from me in the future.

6 - While still staying on the Christmas thought, I've been really good about wrapping each present right away when I get it. I used to wait until the last-minute, and it always gave me a little anxiety and a lot of dread. But considering it takes less than five minutes in most cases to wrap a present, I've been rolling with that. Plus, it will make our Christmas tree look more festive...once I buy some battery-operated lights. Let me tell you, it is sometimes rough living in an older home. One outlet per room just doesn't cut it for the 21st century!

7 - I could use a stay-cation right now. Some people dream of vacation in the tropics, or at least in a new place, but I'd be perfectly content to spend 10 days at home, just relaxing and doing what makes me über happy. Maybe this will be one of my goals for 2016 - even though I stopped making New Year's resolutions a couple years ago...


How do you deal with your Christmas presents - right away or later; wrapping paper or gift bags? 

If you had to choose right at this moment - staycation or vacation? 

Have you ever woken up at a crazy, early time and felt über productive?