Blogmas Day 1 / Snow on a Tuesday.

While it may have been raining at our home on this Tuesday morning, the minute you drove over the hill, big flurries were falling from the sky and covering our city in preparation for winter's arrival. And how beautiful for our first big snow to come on the first day of December; it's almost like Mother Nature just knows. While I bask in the beauty of the first snow of the season... Here's a little flashback to Monday...

My planner had been blaring at me all day, telling me to get a post ready for today. Not because I'm stressing about Blogmas, but because I felt it would be wonderful to be prepared and start strong for December 1st.

But sometimes, we have no control over the events that occur in our lives. And that's okay. It is just important to remember you have control over how you react to those spontaneous events. Lately, I've been really good about finding my 'turquoise linings' when the uncontrollable happens - meaning I'm putting more focus on finding the positives in life.

Original Plan for Nov. 30 = Go get the Thanksgiving burrito at Burrito Union one last time for 2015, then head to Mount Royal to get our weekly grocery haul. Find ourselves back at home to relax. Go to bed.

Actual Events of Nov. 30 = Go out to Matt's car to drive to BU; see flatish tire. Try to drive on it, and it's a no-go. Walk to gas station a block away - closed. Come back to my car, run to another gas station, and pick up "fix-a-flat". Administer said fix-a-flat and drive off to the nearest gas station, then fill up tires. Finally head to BU, order, get burritos super fast, eat super fast; Matt pays bill and we are off to Mount Royal. We realize we need a few other to Target, shop, checkout, head home. FINALLY! We can relax - until we realize our heat isn't working. Too exhausted, so I decide bed over anything else. Layer up and fall asleep.

This is not me complaining; it is just a mere recap of both normal events and spontaneous & unexpected events. Yes, we planned our evening to happen in about half the time it actually did. And yes, having the heat stop working once winter sets in a little isn't ideal either. But instead of becoming upset, I was able to have a small adventure with Matt on a Monday night and I have to be grateful we do have a roof over our head and that it isn't terribly cold in Duluth.

So this is my reminder to take life as it comes. Because there is more in life than getting upset over flat tires, too long of errands, and the heat temporarily not working. There will always be tomorrow. As much as you trick yourself into thinking it is the end of the world; it never is. You just have to trick yourself into knowing the difference and knowing where to put your energy.