Currently / November 2015

I'm finally starting to learn to take each day as it comes, and embrace the fact a select number of tasks can only be completed in one day. In the past, I would put so much pressure on myself to do everything - no matter what. And thank goodness that part of me has changed. I am slowly learning how important my self-care is, especially when connected with everything else going on in my life. Living with both anxiety and depression has always brought along challenges, but I pride myself on being able to manage it on my own and to know what my triggers are. No time for blogging? No biggie. The blog will always be here. And while some days I wish I could just sit here and right, that isn't the case (yet). So here's to a new month, and a new set of current updates on life. (I'm crossing my fingers some of the answers have changed since October...)


Current Book: You Are A Badass, by Jen Sincero. This book that could also be called "The Book That Will Change Your Life in the Best Way Possible". I'm almost done with it, but already want to start reading it again. #signofagoodbook

Current Music: Hello by Adele. Who isn't obsessed with this song right now?

Current [Non]-Guilty Pleasure: Almond milk and gluten-free cookies (from the brand Dr. Lucy's) at night. The perfect little treat to end any day in this beautiful life. I look forward to it (almost) each and every night.

Current Celebration: FINALLY taking the time to clean off my computer. It had operated so slow, and by just moving off some photos and documents to trusty USB drives, I feel it is already moving so much faster. Technology win for November!

Current Nail Color: Again, all natural. I keep on wanting to paint them my deep navy blue Essie polish I have, but I seem to remember it when I'm brushing my teeth to go to bed. Poor planning, right? Hopefully I'll make time this week!

Current Drink: Other than the usually water and Spark, hot chocolate made with almond milk from Pelican Coffee might just be my new go-to when I make a coffeehouse stop. I spent a part of my morning on Friday sipping this drink, along with a cranberry orange scone. It was a perfect way to relax into the day.

Current Food: Kaboucha squash with ketchup. Weird answer? Maybe. One of the advisors at the office brought in 4 squashes, and I gladly took home three to cook up. And while it did take me awhile to take the time to cut into them and roast them, I've had them everyday now.

Current Obsession: De-cluttering our apartment. I haven't started The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up yet, and I'm already adding more to our corner in the second room to be donated. I think it is mentally preparing for that whirlwind to come once I start that book.

Current Wish: A week off from work at home. It sounds so lame, but in my eyes, it sounds absolutely glorious. And it would help with the whole Tidying-Up.

Current Need: To fold the basket of towels before it sits there until Friday. This has happened more times than I care to admit. I also need to get a submission video put together for a scholarship to IIN...

Current Bane of my Existence: Again, I can't seem to find anything to reach the level of being a 'bane of my existence'. I think that's probably a good thing, right?

Current Indulgence: A bowl of apple crisp, out of an entire batch we got for ourselves from Matt's mom. I'll admit; it is probably going to last us tonight and tomorrow. I'm sure this is just the start to this month of wonderfully good eats. I realized today we get Thanksgiving this month. Yahoo!

Current Purchase: Target run - foods were normal purchases for me (almond milk, Lucy's cookies, Builder Bars, shaving cream...) but the fun part? The last two Minion USB drives to completely my Minion family. I mean, if you need to store files, why not have Kevin, Stuart, Dave and Bob hold onto them?

Current Procrastination: Food prep for my lunches this week. While I don't see it completely necessary to prep for every meal and snack, getting lunches planned out has helped wonders lately. Cheers to waking up on Monday morning to get lunch made since blogging and apple crisp have higher priority on this Sunday night.

Current Confession: I feel like I'm totally rocking my self-care lately. And I'm a little in love with HGTV shows on Netflix. Current favorite? Fixer Upper. One more: I loved waking up to Daylight Savings. It was a day of getting some chores done and relaxing, all while feel like I had so many more hours in the day.

Current Blessing: Kitty snuggles and the best of friends.

Current Excitement: Being able to go to the cities this coming weekend. It will be a busy one, but filled with so many people I love. Friday I'll be at Alchemy to help Lee celebrate FIVE years of Fit Foodie Finds; Saturday is a bridal shower for my cousin's bride-to-be; the rest of the time will be spent with my sister, her man, and my two little nieces! I'm hoping to sneak in some time with my friend Nicole as well!

Current Holy Moly: It's November, which means it's almost Christmas...which means I should plan out my gifts this year if I still want to do DIY. Eek!

Current Mood: Relaxed. I'm trying to embrace more relaxation into starting the week instead of putting anxious feelings into the weekend coming to an end.

Current Link: This article really struck a chord with me when I read it. There are people who don't always realize the importance of psychology in our everyday lives. I have my moments now where I wonder if I would change my college experience...I'd have to say no; I think the choice I made was for a reason and it will only continue to add to my journey.

Current Mantra: You Are A Badass (how could I not?).


Pick one from above and tell me what is happening currently for you!