Why Hello Anxiety.

Hi, I'm Kelsey and I have a touch of anxiety. Maybe a little more.  

Over the past month or so, an old feeling has crept back into my life - and I'm not certain who let it waltz on into my life.

Oh wait, it was me.

After busy weeks, a packed work/life schedule, and not enough self-care, anxiety came right back. And while I haven't been 'officially' diagnosed, I know my mind and the world of anxiety to know what it looks like and what it entails. And with a past of depression, it doesn't surprise me (at all). Remembering back to college, I knew anxiety was high then as well, as I was balancing a lot on my plate, and, again, not taking much time for self-care.

It was weird to feel my mind spinning once again, and to feel an unexplainable tightness in my chest. And the feeling of not being able to just relax and "be".

On top of that, my stomach was so unhappy with me. The anxiety flowed through my entire body, wreaking havoc on a body that had been so calm for so long. My appetite diminished a little, and I truly felt foods which hadn't given me trouble in the past, were upsetting it more than ever. The fact is - it is bound to happen. The homeostasis we all learn to love in each of our days is in imbalance in my own. And while many would think "what have I done wrong in this life to deserve this?", I sit here thinking to myself "now what have you forgotten to do that got you to this place; what did you neglect while worrying about other aspects of your life?"

And I mainly just neglected myself in the process. And when that happens, everything else seems to either fall apart or weaken. And after reading an article connecting the gym and our mental health, it solidified what I have felt (here's the article - it's a great read).

But I'm ready to change that. I'm ready to build my life back up and find the bliss I know it deserves. And while it may require some work, it will be work done for my own self-care. If it means looking into therapy, that'll be on the agenda. If it means looking at adjust certain areas of my life, I'll make it happen. If it means going through our apartment as thoroughly as possible and donating what we simply do not need anymore, I'll do it.

All for a life with a little more bliss, a little more calm, and a whole lot of happiness and joy.


No questions - just your thoughts.