Currently / October 2015

Welp. Apparently the months of August and September didn't get a chance to get current here on the blog. But in their defense, I'm certain the last one (back in July) and this one for October will have a mesh of what would have been current in those months. You'll have to excuse the lack of photos; I moved around some settings with my iCloud and what have you, so things are a little goofy on my computer at the moment - my sincerest of apologies! Anyways, since October is, by far, my favorite month out of the year, I knew this post needed to happen! And following suit on trying to get a Currently post up by the 5th of the month, here we are today! Ready...Steady....Go!


Current Book: Just started Paper Towns by John Green. I also have The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (by Marie Kondo) on my nightstand. Girl needed a little 'fun' reading before diving in to Marie Kondo's book, since I know a storm of cleaning and organizing will soon follow.

Current Music: Downtown and Growing Up, both by Macklemore. The man knows how to create grand music. Downtown is also my favorite gym jam as well. Nothing like box jumps and S2O to Eric Nally's amazing voice.

Current [Non]-Guilty Pleasure: Taking a ridiculous amount of time for self-care, and not caring one bit about it. It's been on the back burner for far too long.

Current Celebration: The season of fall! And having four boxes of goods to give. My heart is full.

Current Nail Color: Bare & au naturale, and embracing every second of it.

Current Drink: Water and Spark. Keeping it pretty simple.

Current Food: I'm loving these gluten-free chocolate chip mini-cookies from the Pamela's brand (they are acutally called Simplebites!). They are amazing with a small mug of almond milk.

Current Obsession: Still loving YouTube. I have resorted to watching videos on my iPad instead of clicking on the TV for Netflix - and I'm fine with that!

Current Wish: A three-day weekend, with a Monday off (instead of a Friday). Those random three-day weekends are so lovely.

Current Need: Really...not much in this wonderful life. I just received my #gettoworkbook for 2016 and it is pretty satisfied all my desires for the rest of the year.

Current Bane of my Existence: Laundry. And while I don't consider it that awful, I am just so curious on how it piles so quickly. Same with our dishes. *sigh*

Current Indulgence: Not training on Monday mornings. While it feels good being so inspired with my training, only having Wednesdays as my two-a-day has been quite lovely. I may manage to get the Monday mornings back into my schedule, but as of now, I am realizing I need an extra morning during the week for me. So why not put it right on a Monday morning?

Current Purchase: After doing well with staying away from frivolous spending, Matt and I both caved (a little) on Friday. While Matt purchased some items for gaming, I bought a Dave (the Minion) USB drive that I'm in love with and the Paper Towns book I mentioned above. Neither I things I would usually "allow" myself to buy, but in the moment...they are quite nice.

Current Procrastination: Organizing? Cleaning? Bringing out the trash & recycling? I could go on, but it is a time for worrying about the bigger things in life than those darned little tasks.

Current Confession: My mind is going crazy with dreams and aspirations, and I truly don't know what to do about them. A big part of why I want to get back to the blog is to just have a place to share the random thoughts going through my mind. Maybe it will help to sort out those dreams.

Current Blessing: My little family - Matthew, Lumi & myself.

Current Excitement: Our anniversary weekend coming up next weekend! We will hopefully just do lots of fun little day date activities like usual, since we find those the most memorable (instead of making it all fancy). As of now: movie (with our refund movie tickets), dinner at Va Bene (purchased with a gift card from Matt's birthday), a hike up the shore, and a coffee date here in town!

Current Holy Moly: Not including this lovely month - there are TWO months left in 2015. I can't believe it.

Current Mood: Confident.

Current Link: Oh my word. How have I not shared anything about theSkimm yet?! It is the one thing that shows up daily in my inbox that I am so excited about! I used to feel bad about not being caught up on the world/national events, but the thought of turning to a news site felt overwhelming. theSkimm allows me to get caught up on everything (plus the presidential candidates!) within 10 minutes.

Current Mantra: You Do You.


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