Own My October.

It's true. I totally fell off the face of the earth.


Okay - so it isn't exactly all true. I'm still here, still living life. I'm getting up each morning and getting to the gym, getting myself to work, and making sure I'm home to have dinner with my love. The only thing that didn't happen in the month of September?

Blogging. And it makes my little blogger heart sad. Weekends were all busy and out-of-town - no joke - and during the week, I was trying to recover from the weekend, plus just do normal weekly things (clean a little, recharge after work, eat food, CrossFit...). Opening up my computer after work never sounded appealing for some reason, so I went with it. Which also led to an obnoxious amount of blog posts in my Bloglovin' reader (and I still can't bring myself to click 'mark all as read' - I'm determined!). I think the month of September truly taught me how important self-care is for me. It is obviously so important for all of us to embrace self-care, but it has become something in my life, when neglected, I get more anxiety and more depressive thoughts. And that, my friends, is no bueno.

As I opened up my Timehop on this lovely October First, I saw a trend...

I'm in love with October. I found it funny there was a post going almost 5 years back about how much I love October and how much I consider it a fresh start in my life. And I loved that. It inspired me to make some changes for myself this month, and to open up my admin site to bring my thoughts to you. Last year, and possibly the year earlier, I started using the hashtag #OwnMyOctober on my Instagram postings.

It's making a comeback in 2015. As I go through trying to do #100happydays, I'm going to start sharing the ways I'm going to #OwnMyOctober as well. I'm quite certain it will help me focus on the positive and leave the negative out. It has been so important to me to share parts of life that are inspiring and positive. I try to hold back from the negative...unless I have found a way to make that negative moment in my life positive.

While this isn't a typically Thinking Out Loud post for me, it definitely is in its own light. I woke up this morning (no alarm, at 5:39am) and felt inspired to write. I mixed up my Spark, got to work, and found this post written in about 20 minutes. Guess my brain need a bit of a writing purge.


(Thanks for hosting Amanda!)

What is one goal you have for the month of October? 

Tell me your favorite way to focus on your self-care - and go!