Gratitude of the Past / January 2012

After a weekend to relax, I am feeling much better after the chaos of last week. I'm not certain what it was, but it was no fun at all. My mind felt like mush all week, and I was just glad to make it through without a breakdown or a bout of insomnia. As usual, once the evening started to hit on Sunday, I realized weekends are just too short and we should all start to embrace the 32-hour work week. I may be dreaming, but it isn't a half bad idea, right? As we/I try to simplify down our apartment, once again, there might be a few fun additions to my little corner of the blog world. Little snippets of life I still want to have documented somewhere, but don't necessarily feel I need to have around me physically. Take a couple of years ago as an example, when I was pretty good at keeping a gratitude journal. I'd make sure to write in it each night, and it did wonders for helping me change to a more optimistic and positive mindset. Three years later, and this is back on my goal list to begin in September (mostly because I love the idea of a notebook starting on Day One of a month).

And to this day, I'm still trying to make changes for a more optimistic and positive life. I give so much credit to that little gratitude journal for helping me head down the path I am now in regards to positivity. Right now, that means paring down on 'stuff' in the apartment and minimizing what I have. So instead of lugging around that little pink notebook for the rest of my life, why not archive it here?


Let's travel back to January of 2012...


  1. My wonderful mother, who is always there for me.
  2. Being able to have resources to make a sore throat feel better.
  3. Having the best mattress I've ever slept on.


  1. Having the financial means to buy two dresses, instead of having to choose.
  2. A good breakfast, like waffles + OJ.
  3. Being able to mini-vacation with a great group of friends for just one night.


  1. That we were looked out for last night.
  2. Matt was able to sleep with me for the evening.
  3. Amazing people in this world.


  1. Having the means to eat a wonderful meal away from home at Duluth Grill.
  2. Relaxing movie nights with Matthew.
  3. A wonderful mattress.


  1. My sister & Brooklynn, and the fact that they are so close.
  2. Dinner nights with Matt's family.
  3. A little tea to make you feel better.


  1. A job that I enjoy working at.
  2. Meeting many people who contribute to the happiness in my life.
  3. Laundry day!


  1. The feeling of warm laundry.
  2. The fresh smell of clean sheets and blankets.
  3. Late night sleep cuddles with Matthew.


  1. Everything about my Matt.
  2. The help of financial aid so I have no worries.
  3. A strong body to work out with.


  1. The world of Cabaret I was able to be a part of.
  2. Having Jennifer Madill Hagen in my life.
  3. Meeting many lovely souls during a summer to always remember and never forget.


  1. My wonderful education.
  2. Having a silent & sweet breakfast with Matt.
  3. Having clothes and a home to keep me warm when the Duluth weather is freezing.


  1. A humidifier to make sleep come easy.
  2. Being able to work with wonderful kids at the studio.
  3. The DTA.


  1. The nights where Matt falls asleep by my side, and the mornings I am able to open my eyes and see him next to me.
  2. Having amazing co-workers.
  3. How I Met Your Mother. <3


  1. The nights that Matt and I spend together.
  2. Having the pleasure to watch great documentaries.
  3. Hot chocolate with marshmallows!


  1. Being able to have the means to gift items to Matt.
  2. Cold Stone tip money.
  3. Mornings when Matt wakes with me & spends the morning cuddling with me.


  1. Meeting Al & Lyndsey =)
  2. Fruit snacks.
  3. New music.


  1. The gorgeous Duluth snowfalls.
  2. Not having to always shower.
  3. The lift I vicariously live through on Gossip Girl.


  1. The girls I am able to meet through Attitudes.
  2. Becoming a TA for Paula. =)
  3. Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal with plain soy milk.


  1. A good iced coffee.
  2. Being able to reconnect with my dad to strengthen our relationship.
  3. Financial means to start Body by Vi (lol), and having a father that will support me through it.


  1. My mom.
  2. A rewarding Jillian Michaels workout.
  3. Clif Kid Z Bar, iced oatmeal cookie.


  1. My Fridays off from class.
  2. Conversations with Jade that make me feel normal and sane.
  3. My MacBook Pro.


  1. Having amazing friends to talk to.
  2. My books.
  3. Simple snow flurries.


  1. My days with Matthew.
  2. My sister and Brooklynn, and the time I was able to spend with them.
  3. Pizza & pop with M as a midnight snack.


  1. Oreos + milk.
  2. Good study habits.
  3. Naps.


  1. The immense help of iced coffee to stay awake in a 3-hour lecture.
  2. Late night toast.
  3. New fun. =)


+ Have you ever kept a gratitude journal?

+ In this moment, tell me three parts of life you are grateful for today...