08.13.2015 thru 08.16.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

08.13.2015 - Thursday


Always thankful for these rest days, but really feel like a little movement would help me get through the day without feeling completely exhausted. As I type this up on the weekend, it is part of what I want to bring up to Ryan or Michael as a part of my programming. I don't think I would mind coming in the morning to just row, or even run sprints outside (while I still can!). Even so, going on a walk could even help; but my main thing is that it is nice to have a slow morning... We will see what comes of it all!

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:52 / I guess the good part about not having to worry about getting to the gym is I am able to sleep in a little bit before I decide to get up (in hopes of being able to blog or read or watch YouTube). While it was almost 7 hours of sleep, I'm certain the lack of sleep prior to this night haven't helped me.

Nutrition / Just trying to 'stay alive' this week, so I'm eating what the body wants and also trying to focus on getting everything in I need to. My plan is to get back to tracking on Sunday, even though I've roughly been tracking most of my eats this week. After talking with Ryan about getting my caloric intake up, I'm trying to just eat. It has been hard mentally, and might be another aspect to bring up during a goals-focused meeting.

08.14.2015 - Friday

Part A: Front Squat 5-5-5-5

End Result: [85# / 105# / 115# / 125#] These felt so unbelievably hard this morning, and I'm a little disappointed I could get my body to go heavier. BUT - I always always ALWAYS take into perspective at how early it can be to ask my body to squat so heavy. 125# for five does seem to be a PR in my mind, as I don't remember ever getting up that high for five reps.

Part B:



Box Jumps (24")


End Result: [sport] 10:49 / Totally one of those WODs where I didn't look at the clock at all, but felt when I was getting close to the end that it had to have been around 15 minutes. So surprised to see I was very much under that time! The TTB felt especially tricky today, and I believe that is because we haven't had much 'rig' work in the past few weeks since we have been downsized to just one rig for the time being. I tried to keep it at 2-3 reps at a time, and felt I did well. Box jumps were great, as always, and I am really loving the new challenge of doing 24" more!

Sleepsleep cycle = 5:43 / Under six hours is never a good feeling, and this definitely would have factored into how my front squats felt today. Sometimes you don't really realize everything that comes in to play until you look back at it. I was dead set on being able to see Mary, and just got my Spark down and left for the gym right when I was ready. Felt pretty energetic for most of the day, but was just super excited for the weekend and being able to sleep more.

Nutrition / A day of not enough food for certain. I had some odd meals because of what we had available, and I just wasn't in the mood for tuna once again. Matt and I had a date day, and it was nice to just go to a movie and relax with him for the night. Hoping to fuel up good over the weekend and try to plan everything out...

08.15.2015 + 08.16.2015 - Saturday + Sunday


98% of the time, being able to get a workout in helps me so much. But after how this week felt mentally, and not getting enough sleep for pretty much the entire week, I was happy to take off Saturday. While I know I missed a beach WOD, the timing just wouldn't have been the best with the wedding. Plus, my anxiety felt kind of high once I woke up on Saturday, and I knew it was important for me to relax. The wedding was a lot of fun, and it was so amazing to see my sister + her little family, and spend quality time with just B. My eats were less than stellar and kind of far and few in between. Dairy was consumed, and immediately regretted come Sunday. Ice cream was our late night snack, and the So Delicious coconut milk cookie dough certainly hit the spot. Spent a lot of Sunday cleaning up and what not, so I didn't feel as run down as on Saturday. The heat finally broke in the evening and cool breezes are getting quite a bit of love from us.

Sleep [to Saturday] / sleep cycle = 8:57 & Sleep [to Sunday] / sleep cycle = 8:10 / Gosh, it felt good to get a lot of sleep. Still felt PRETTY exhausted for the day on Saturday, but part of me is going to blame the hot hot humid heat for that. Sunday I felt much better. My hope is to really put focus on getting into bed earlier this week. If anything, it'll give me time to catch up on my desired reads.

Nutrition / Sunday started the tracking once again, and I'm realizing it has been hard for me to hit my protein at 130g. I really need to get back on track with that, because I'm certainly not eating enough for now. I am hoping to get on the ETP forum this week for help, as I just feel lost on what I should be trying to eat. Along with talking about rest days and other little things, I would love to try and talk with Ryan about food ideas as well. For being as interested in food and nutrition as I once was, I've lost the love and attention to it in the past few months