08.12.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A: Tabata KB Snatch (:20W / :20R) with 4L/4R

I alternated between 25# and 35# for each little set. For the most part, they did feel really good. Arms did get tired, as they should, and I knew to put more focus on my right arm, as it is weaker than my left. From my own perspective, I know I could work on bringing it down quicker and going right back in to it.

Part B:

21-15-9-3 (@ 65# for all)

Power Clean

Front Rack Lunge

Push Press

End Result: [life] 12:52 / Yes, with the weight being 95# for sport, I could have done it. But - it would have definitely taken much longer to get through it. It was nice to be able to keep a quicker pace and get after it. After I was done, it was all about cheering the rest of the class through it!


  1. 10min. to a Heavy Squat Clean / This girl hit a new PR at 140#! Michael really helped us find the weaknesses and work through them. My biggest lightbulb moment was switching my focus. I was keeping my head down (almost in a deadlift position) and once I focused up, with the orange stripe as my new focal point, it helped in most every part of the clean. I still need to focus on my third pull, but it truly is improving.
  2. x3 of 10 Squat Cleans AFAP with 1min. Rest @ 70% of new 1RM / 105# for weight. End time at 11:41 (2:36 rest to 3:36, finished at 7:51, rest to 8:51, final time at 11:41). This was tough, but it was all about grinding each rep out. Really need to focus on that third pull, but Michael kept commenting that most reps were looking really good. I wish I could have blown through faster, but the legs were definitely getting sore.
  3. 4min. Cumulative Hollow Rock Hold / OUCH for sure for the abs! Definitely a good burner. [:40 :20 | :25 :35 | :10 :10 :10 :10 | :30 :30]
  4. x8 Strict Hollow Ring Hold (:20W / :10R) / Focus was just to do as well as I could. And I did. I'm really ready to commit to upper body work so I can start getting better at the movements holding me back!

Sleepsleep cycle = 6:06 / Definitely NOT rocking my sleep this week. Hoping to regain some more routine this coming weekend. My mind was mental mush today, and I can't wait for life to just slow down more. I am really trying to put more focus on letting myself relax more, but also trying to minimize and simplify our home.

Nutrition / No comments. Only that it has just been one of those weeks, and tracking hasn't happened. And really, I am perfectly fine with how the week is going. Can't remember much more than that.