08.11.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A:

1mile Run / Rest 4 minutes

800m Run / Rest 3 minutes

400m Run

End Result: 8:02 / 3:44 / 1:40

Really happy to have shaved off :18sec. from my previous mile time. While I felt I did well on each run, I could tell my body (well, mostly my hips) weren't quite warm enough when we first started. And with my squats from last night, I could certainly feel it as well. I pushed myself more than I usually do with each run, and was beyond satisfied with how I did. Need to remember to stretch out calves better when a day of running follows a day of jump rope and box jumps!

Part B:

6 EMOM / 5-pt. Shuttle Sprints

End Result: I documented in my mind how much time was remaining on the EMOM clock when I was done with each shuttle sprint. Sprint times would be quicker than these, but remembering the time remaining proved to be much easier. These times were - :33 / :34 / :34 / :35 / :36 / :34.

Skill Work / I did have plans to try to work on something, but decided to do some stretching and mobility before leaving the gym. My feet have recently started to hurt after most every workout, so getting new CrossFit shoes is a priority.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:15 / Definitely feel I'm on the path to getting a better sleep hygiene schedule in place. Was a bit groggy as I started getting ready this morning, but taking my Spark definitely helped! I can feel my energy will be lower today, as I sleepily document my thoughts right now. And while we are meeting up with my Dad and Laura after work, I'm planning to take it easy once we are home and just relax.

Nutrition / Getting groceries is the big to-do of the day, which will help replenish food items to make balanced nightly snacks. I have yet to document my dinner into MFP; I have a feeling I was low (again). I am hoping I'll be able to order new protein by the end of the week. That has been my biggest struggle since starting to track and I'm ready to figure out how to fill in that gap!