08.03.2015 thru 08.09.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

08.03.2015 - Monday

CLASS WOD - 0630

CrossFit Total

1RM Strict Press / 95#

1RM Back Squat / 200# (PR!)

1RM Deadlift / 205#


Ryan & Michael will be taking the next week (or two) to give the sport classes a revamp...a sport class 2.0 if you will. Since we were already there, it was just some time to do a little bit of skill work.

Skill Work: I did:

4 sets of 5 coach-assisted pull-ups / Ryan said he can feel I am getting stronger, so that was awesome to hear. I am hoping to still dedicate some skill time, regardless of there not being sport class this week.

5 minutes of DU work / Still have something weird going on. Don't know if it is just rhythm, or if it could be my rope. Ryan suggested orders an RX rope to replace my cyclone rope.

08.04.2015 - Tuesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A:


60 SU

8 Burpees

Really and truly struggled through those SU's and getting everything done in the allotted 1 minute. It was changed that if we didn't complete the SU's in the first 30 seconds, we would then move right on to the burpees.

Part B:

21-15-9 FT:

Power Snatch (75#)

UB Wall Balls (14#)

End Result: 11:52 / Again, proud of myself for keeping the snatches heavy during some of our WODs. I believe I just did it rep for rep, and once I was over to the wall balls, I tried to bust them out as quick as possible to keep myself moving. As I continue to use 75#, my hope is for it to become 'easier' and to bring up my 1RM for my snatch.

Part C / Skill Work:

Handstand Walk / Just keeping on keeping on. Ryan had me go between KTW and handstand walk attempts. My KTW's felt great, and now I just need to find a way for it to show in my actual handstand walking. The good news is, I feel I'm getting better at committing and getting my body to balance over, and then start the walking.

08.05.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A:

800m Run, rest 3 minutes, x3 (goal is to keep times with :5-:10 seconds of each other)

End Result:

Total Time = 17:49 / Time Diff. = 4:00, +5, +10

I was really happy with how I did on this! While I thought I was going to dislike a day of all running, I ended up enjoying it once we were all done. I am probably most proud of being able to improve my time with each attempt at 800m. The best part was having Michelle at the same pace as me. For this much running, I did really enjoy having a buddy.

Part B:

10 EMOM - Max Effort 60ft. Shuttle Sprint / This was a good burner as well. A good cue from Ryan was to put your head down - and it works! I was impressed at the speed I was able to establish so quickly. I know sprints could be an area of improvement, but I felt I did really well at the same time.

Part C:

ABS  :20W / :10R , x8 - V-Ups & Superman Holds

Ouch. In a good way.

Skill Work

1st - 3 Negative HSPU x3

2nd - 2 Strict Ring Dip Holds x5

Really happy I decide to work on some skills since we don't have sport class tonight. I think doing the negative work is really help me establish using critical muscles for each movement. I have a feeling my body will be pretty sore tomorrow with the running and lots of upper body negative work.

08.06.2015 - Thursday


Holy sore body. I don't know if it was how I slept, or just the running, but my body is really feeling it today. After doing some negative work for the most part, my arms/shoulders were pretty sore; in comparison with my legs, that was nothing. My hip flexors were crazy sore, and I tried my best to stretch and mobilize them throughout the day. Definitely know the extreme soreness just came from not enough warming up of my hips.

08.07.2015 - Friday

CLASS WOD - 0520


3 Rounds

20 S2O (75#)

20 Wall Balls (14#)

*rest 4 minutes*

3 Rounds

23 Abmats

20 Box Dips

*rest 4 minutes*

3 Rounds

10 Power Cleans (95#)

10 Lateral Bar Over Burpees

End Results: 30:38 [life] / Loved the format of this workout, and despite it being a longer one, it was really good. Sometimes you just have to commit and burn it out for 30 minutes. While you wanted to keep a decent, quicker pace to get through the 3 rounds of each combo of movements, you did have to think about your pace as well. Mentally, I think the first mini WOD was the hardest for me to get through, but it wasn't even that bad!

08.08.2015 + 08.09.2015 - Saturday & Sunday


I didn't intend for Saturday to turn in to a rest day, but when your car decides it wants to give up on using its transmission correctly, it is best to stay home and just deal. There was a bit of cleaning and reorganize, plus lots of laundry, so my day didn't feel completely shot. I thought about doing a bodyweight WOD but it just never happened. Sunday we went over to Matt's parents in the early evening. Unknown to us, it would turn into a mini yard work WOD. I hauled 12 bags of mulch, and dumped each one of them. We also did lots of raking and picking up sticks and such in the yard. I actually came home pretty beat, so I'd consider our 5-ish hours of help as being functional fitness in my training.

Also, while I was bummed about missing Saturday, I found the turquoise lining: I think my body did need those two days of rest in a row. I came in on Monday morning, and was just ready to get after it. It restored my body further, and my mind also felt it was able to take more of a break.