08.01.2015 + 08.02.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

Again, as I am trying to get caught up, this weekend update will not include sleep or nutrition updates.

08.01.2015 - Saturday



12.1 - 7 Minutes of Burpees

End Result: 93 / I was really REALLY striving to hit 100, but will take 93 as a new PR. When I did this last (with Alex & Brock), I hit 86, so getting 6 more did feel like a pretty good PR. Ryan had us choose an Open WOD from either 2011 or 2012, and while we originally picked out different workouts, we did get some info that we would be doing CrossFit Total on Monday. It seriously took out each WOD we had picked out because there was barbell work and we realized we wanted to avoid that with Monday coming up.

After sport class, it was time to move the gym! I'm quite certain this was hard than doing burpees for 7 minutes, but it was very gratifying seeing the gym transform.

08.02.2015 - Sunday


Honestly don't remember too much about this day, except it was Matt & I's first day off together in a really long time (despite both of us not working Saturday). I was pretty sore after the events of Saturday, so I did take time to relax and stretch as well. Plus, knowing CFT would be happening in the morning, I made sure to keep myself fed.