07.24.2015 thru 07.31.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

You and I both can tell I slipped on keeping my Bridge Built entires up to date. And hey. It happens. Everything has been going down in my normal WOD book, so not all is lost. I'm going to try and catch up for the week ahead. You'll notice some sleep & nutrition missing from a few days, but I'd rather get my training logged and start fresh in the coming weeks. You'll notice a few days still have the sleep and nutrition - they were kept up at some point, but since I don't want to publish my days out of order, so it will just be a bit of a mish-mash as well go. Now. Let's travel on back to the end of July...

07.24.2015 - Friday

Part A: Strict Press 2-2-2-2

65# / 75# / 85# - Only ended up doing 3 sets, instead of 4, because of building too quick. Went to do 90# or 95# and couldn't even press it off my shoulders.

Part B: Rowing WOD


  • 500m Row
  • 25 Air Squats
  • 400m Row
  • 25 Abmats
  • 300m Row
  • 30 Walking Lunges
  • 200m Row
  • 15 Push-Ups
  • 100m Row
  • 15 Burpees

End Result: 14:49 / Mary and I just did our own thing. And knowing I needed something laidback, rowing with some easy bodyweight movements felt great.

07.25.2015 - Saturday


Buy In: :90sec Freestanding Handstand Hold (best attempts)


20 Clean & Jerks (65#) / 2min. rest

20 Snatches (65#) / 2min. rest


Thrusters (65#)


End Result: 15:20 / I actually game planned quite well for this one. I did the C&J's split 10-5-5; original plan was to shoot for 10-10, but I realized I did need a little bit more rest. As for the snatches, I did 5-5-5-5, just as planned. As for the thrusters, I originally shot for: 10-8, but hit 8-4-4; 4-4-4, but did 6-3-3; and lastly, 6 unbroken. I didn't plan as well for the thrusters, but was satisfied with how I adapted! Pull-ups were in sets of 3 or 2, with reps of 1, if needed. I hope to become stronger with both movements where I can link more together.

07.26.2015 - Sunday


07.27.2015 - Monday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A:


[Sport] 3 Squat Cleans @ 70% of 1RM (85#)

Part B:

21-15-9-6-3 FT:


KB Swing (35#)

Wall Balls (14#)

End Result: [Life] 10:40 / Really wished I could have gotten through fast. The burpees are oddly what wore me out the most. I was satisfied with doing life during this workout, as my body wasn't craving something really intense to start off the week.


Back Squats - W11D1

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 105#
  • 1x3 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x2 @ 80% - 140#
  • 1x2 @ 90% - 160#
  • 1x1 @ 95% - 165#
  • 1x1 @ 103% - 180#

While it certainly felt a little weird to see a rep at 103%, I was quite certain it would come pretty easy. And it did! All of these reps felt really good and my body didn't feel too sore or stiff like it sometimes does on these heavier days.

Front Squats - W11D1

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 110#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 110#

Can't remember back to this, but having that in consideration, I'm sure it went well. And I would think after the weights prescribed for back squats, these felt relatively light.

Skill / Skill Programming / Handstand Holds & Walks

Still need to focus on getting me to hold the handstand before walking. We worked on Ryan catching me past that point, and making me attempt the walk after. The more I work on getting upside down and moving, the better my walks are getting.

07.28.2015 - Tuesday

Part A: 6min. AMAP OH Walking Lunge (25#)

2 laps / This was absolutely killer.

Part B:


10 Hang Snatch (75#)

10 Box Over (24")

End Result: This was the one day I didn't log in my notebook! I feel like it was 3 +13 for some reason. It was my first time using 75# as a WOD weight because I wanted the challenge, and want to get rid of the weird fear I have against heavy snatches. I remember thinking, "I'll be happy if I get through 2 rounds", and then I blew myself away with 3..and then some!

Part C:

ABS :20W/:10R , x8 - V-Ups & Superman Flex

07.29.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A: Push Jerk 6-6-6-6

65# / 85# / 95# / 100# / 115#

Was surprised how good this movement felt today. After a few weeks of sore shoulders, and quite a bit of pain when I would do any press overhead, it was good. We realized we could have started our first set with 85# about halfway through, but doing 115# was plenty heavy.

Part B:

4 RFT (20 cap)

400m Run

25 Burpees

200 SU's

End Result: 2 + 100 SU's / I felt pretty awful during this, and was on the verge of tears once the clock hit 20 minutes. I went into it thinking I could finish all 4 rounds, but it wasn't the case. My shoulders were pretty burnt out and once I was done, they felt absolutely dead. And for some reason, my jump roping was really off and I couldn't blow through those as fast as I usually can (is it okay to blame the fans?). I held in the tears and realized I did the best I could. And after doing sport level WODs on Monday and Tuesday (plus Monday's sport class), I'm not surprised at how much this hurt. Some days, the WODs are going to feel off - and that is fine. As Mary said, 'at least you poured your heart out'. That was how I truly felt.


Back Squats - W11D2

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#

These felt pretty good today, despite my hips being sore. I think the combo of the lunges from Tuesday, as well as where I was catching the bar on the snatches, didn't help that. Form and everything felt good. Since starting Hatch, I am becoming more aware of when my feet are 'off' and in the wrong positioning, which is awesome! I also went without knee sleeves and a weight belt today, which felt just fine!

Front Squats - W11D2

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 110#
  • 1x5 @ 80% - 120#

With my back squats feeling quite good, I couldn't really same the same for front squats. I think the heavier weights this week, compared to the back squat weights, may have been the reason why. And maybe because I didn't have knee sleeves on, it just ended up feeling harder as well. 120# and its 5 reps went a lot slower than the other sets, and I think that is just fine! I was still able to complete them all!

Skill / Strength / Handstand walking attempts.

I'm doing a lot better with letting my legs fall over at the top of the handstand, and was even able to get 3-4 really good steps in! After working on them on Monday, I was able to put most of the cues to use and really noticed a difference. Ryan also said he saw improvements as well, and that it is getting better.

Skill Programming / N/A at this time. There are some adjustments to come for the sport class, and how it is ran, so a hold has been put on this part of class. We are still taking time during sport class to discuss goals and work on them.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:52 / Despite almost getting 7 hours of sleep, I was pretty darn sleepy this morning when I woke up. I'm not certain if it was from too much sleep, or not waking up at the 'right time', but I think it may just be one of those sleepy types of days. I was happy to get into bed earlier than normal and hope to have the trend continue throughout this week. The sleepiness did go throughout the entire day and I really did find myself ready for bed almost immediately after eating dinner.

Nutrition / No tracking today. Focusing on an intuitive day, which may roll over into tomorrow as well. I'm planning to keep a written food journal of my meals/snacks and their portions, and will log it at the end of the day. I want to see how I can manage on my own, without having to scan and log each little thing. I'm happy with doing this, and know it won't change anything for me overnight. I think I did very well today, and after talking with Ryan, this may be another area to get a revamp in regards to my training. I could have gotten away with a legitimate last meal/snack, but just didn't have an appetite after a sort of stressful day.

07.30.2015 - Thursday


After a tough Wednesday, both physically and mentally, it was definitely a day of rest. I gave myself a mental break, and really made sure to focus on giving myself some "me" time to restore a sense of peace and calm in my life.

07.31.2015 - Friday

Part A:


5 Pull-Ups 20 Air Squats *2 min. rest*


400m Run 20 Wall Balls (14#) *2 min. rest*


20 Dball Slams (10#) 10 Dball Get-Ups (10#)

End Result: 8 + 5 Pull-Ups / 2 + 13 Wall Balls / 5 + 8 Dball Slams

Really satisfied today with how I did. I went into this long (34min.) workout knowing it was going to be all about pace so you could maintain a good clip throughout the entire part. My mental game plan was like this:

- 1st AMRAP: Broke up my pull-ups in 3 +2; some instances it was 2+2+1, which I was still satisfied with. Air squats just kept on moving, with no breaks/rest in the 20 reps.

- 2nd AMRAP: Keep a good, moderate pace on the run, and trying to do 10+10 for wall balls. This was maintained, and definitely worked well. During the second round, I did do 5+5+10, but the rest between the sets of 5 was really short. My lungs felt a little weird during the run, and after thinking about it, I should make sure I am breathing better during wall balls.

- 3rd AMRAP: Just. Keep. Moving. That was all you could do. Dball slams were done 10+10. Dball get-ups just kept moving, but I switched arms, 5 left then 5 right. The last round I just went back and forth passing the ball in my arms.