07.21.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A: 1 mile run AFAP [sport]

End Result: 8:20 / Just a little bit proud of this. This was the first time, that I can remember, testing my AFAP 1 mile run since starting CrossFit. Even in my running days, I don't know if I had anything under 7! My next goal would be to shave off :20 seconds, which I think is perfectly doable for me!

Part B: 21-15-9 FT


Wall Balls (14#)

Am. KB Swings (45#)

End Result: [scaled sport] 10:56 / Pull-ups were a little tender on the hands, but otherwise... I loved it! I'm a fan of wall balls (except maybe during Dirty Karen), and I love working on my KB swings with a heavier weight. Still trying to work through pull-ups; might have to bring this up tomorrow with Ryan, or during another sport class to see if we can find the kinks and get me a few more cues as well. I was hoping to get under 12 - to redeem myself from yesterday - and definitely succeeded!

Skill Programming: N/A - Did mobility after the workout to ease my muscles.

Sleepsleep cycle = 6:25 / Holy tired today. I don't know why, but even as I type this at 8pm, I'm still dealing with sleepiness. Despite getting Spark into my system right away, I was having a hard time feeling awake right when class started. Once we started moving, I felt tonnes better. I guarantee with another hour of sleep, my mile run would have felt faster! Hoping to get into bed earlier tonight; have to make sure I'm 'packed' for tomorrow! WOD, birthday breakfast, work, sport class, home.

Nutrition / MUCH better today on getting a balance in, but still will be dealing with a heavier last meal to meet all the macros. No snacks in between meals today, which certainly didn't help. I really need to start making sure I take the time to give myself fuel while at work so this can stop happening. I already started logging tomorrow, in hopes it will end up more balanced. Confession: popsicles are simply amazing during the summer.