07.20.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A:

I did my skill programming, as I would be squatting at sport class in the evening. Since we are getting our programming later this week, Sarah suggested I work on handstand skills. I did a few holds against the wall, and then kick up to the wall with a few steps. Once the clock started for the squats, I did 4 sets of 10 shoulder taps.

Part B:

3 RFT (12 cap)

10 OHS (65#)

10 HSPU (bands - orange and small green)

20 TTB

End Result: 20 reps / Yes, I was capped, and you know what? I'm proud of it. My TTB and HSPU could be considered two of my weaknesses, and I worked hard to get them spot on. I hope to find more ways to get my strength built. OHS felt strong as well; this is another movement I hope to build up my weight for.

Part C: Abs - :20W/:10R x8 -- Hollow Rock Hold + Superman Hold


Back Squats - W10D1 / Hips were pretty sore, but once I warmed up and did the first set, my hips were doing better. These squats felt spot on for form and technique, and I hope I was cue myself to a coach's standard. A few weeks have had some struggles when it comes to back squats, but all sets felt really good. Even better? I didn't have to put on my belt!

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 130#


Front Squats - W10D1 / Best front squats in awhile, or that I can truly remember. Form was good, and my focus was definitely on keeping the bar back, my elbows up, and just keeping two fingers on the bar.

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#

Strength / Skill

Thurster EMOM [1 Sqt. Clean, add 10lb. each minute until failure]

65# / 75# / 85# / 95# / 105# / 115#

Shoulders were tight from the start (note to self, need to find mobility to work on this). I was able to get 120# cleaned up, but just stopped once it got to the overhead press up. Pretty proud of being able to do 115#!

Skill Programming: Still having this worked on by the coaches, but I was able to some skill programming during this mornings class. Look above!

Sleepsleep cycle = 6:36 / Pretty much zonked right out and felt quite energized in the morning. I was moving a bit slow and left later for the gym than normal, but was still on time! Good feeling to have the power to get through the workout and everything. Energy was pretty good for the rest of the day, and even for sport class after a day of work. Still hoping to get in a pattern of 7 hours of sleep, but 6.5 works pretty good (for now).

Nutrition / I did well for most of the day, but still ended up getting short on my protein and carbs (fats were fine). I'm still troubleshooting all of this, and I know it didn't help missing a snack at work that could have prevented this. I was 10 off for protein, and 20 off for carbs, which could have been a pretty okay meal, but I was already eating a lot to catch up so I called it okay. Here's to better planning tomorrow and the rest of the week!