07.13.2015 thru 07.19.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

07.13.2015 - Monday


I had insomnia on Sunday night, and knew it would be more beneficial for me to get sleep instead of trying to get to the gym. I am slowly learning that sleep is most important for me when it comes to CrossFit. Since I was able to get a decent amount of sleep, I still decided I would go to sport class after work.


Back Squats - W9D1

  • 1x5 @ % - #
  • 1x @ % -#
  • 1x2 @ % - #
  • 1x2 @ % - #
  • 1x1 @ % - #

Felt very heavy this week. Legs, specifically hamstrings, still recovering from the last qualifier workout on Saturday. I pushed through. My last set (of just the 1 rep) felt ugly, but I didn't have to bail on it.

Front Squats - W9D1

  • 1x5 @ % - #
  • 1x4 @ % - #
  • 1x4 @ % - #
  • 1x4 @ % - #

These felt worse than the back squats, but not in a way of being too heavy or unsafe. For the most part, I definitely believe my body was just dealing with overall fatigue.

Strength / Skill: Snatch Pull + High Hang Snatch (35# empty bar / 55# / 65#)

Cues: stay on balls of feet when setting up at the bottom, or even when using the top-down method; make sure to hit full extension, especially with 'straight legs' before proceeding to pull; keep the bar close. I felt there were some great cues given to me, and I hope to be given more chances to work on getting my form/technique better when it comes to snatches.

Skill Programming: N/A

We finished up the second round of programming over the weekend, and have yet to discuss our next round of goals and receive new packets. I was pretty hungry, so I felt better going home. I was going to attempt some handstand walks, but my back was feeling a little off/fatigued.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 8:49 total time; sleeping time = ~4:30 / Obviously we know I dealt with some insomnia, with no real thought into why it may have happened. I did run out of my M3 from Pure Pharma, and it was still being shipped during this time frame. I did try to find ways to focus/relax my mind and did have a snack (+ ibuprofen and water) to see if it would help me fall asleep.

Nutrition / I did not track on Sunday, which was a good feeling. I'm hoping to keep an intuitive day in my weeks to give myself a much needed mental break. I can tell, though, by not tracking, I didn't hit my protein. Back to tracking on Monday, and felt short as well. Crazy day at work led to little/no breaks to have snacks. I usually try to fill up my last meal to hit all the macros, but it would have been a crazy amount of food. I felt okay with it, and knew I might wake up pretty hungry. I felt fine, though, and think my body was mostly fighting through the little sleep I received.

07.14.2015 - Tuesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A: 2-2-2-2 Strict Press

Warm-up = 35#/55#/60

Build = 65# / 75# / 80# / 85#

I was really proud of being able to strict press what I did, since I feel like I am sometimes held back by trying to do this heavy lifting in the morning. Being that my last 1RM of strict press was at 95#, I do feel this was a good representation of my strength and was right on track.

Part B:

FT: 40-20-10-20-40

DBSC (20#)

Dball Sit-Ups (20#)

End Result: [Sport Level] Holy painful. After Monday night's squats, the DBSC felt pretty awful. Sit-ups were fine, but I noticed my hip flexors did get tight. I felt I could have gone quicker, but noticed my legs were seizing up pretty quick between sets of reps on the DBSC.

Skill Programming: N/A

Still waiting on discussing new goals and programming with Ryan or Michael.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:32 / So glad I had an easier night of being able to fall asleep. Hallelujah to Pure Pharma M3 for being back in my life. I took the time to see when my body felt 'ready' for bed, and also proceeded to read, which I really think helped me.

Nutrition / Made a better effort for planning out my eats for the day, and making sure I had balance. Snacks at work are still harder to get in, but I'm working on it! I do think by not hitting everything on Monday, I was a little more hungry than usual. A little treat of Noodles & Co. for dinner today with Matt, and it still worked right in with my macros, so that made me pretty happy. Lastly - macros were pretty much spot on today, except a little overzealous on the carbohydrate side of things...and that's okay! I was happy to hit my protein and fats right on.

07.15.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A: 1RM/Heavy Power Clean & Jerk (15min.)

125# - Still thinking this was my last C&J 1RM - and that is just fine by me. I attempted 135#, and it just wasn't happening. Coach Ryan did tell me it would help to reach full extension to be able to get under the 135#.

Part B: "Barba"

400M Run

20 Burpee Box Overs (20")

400M Run

End Result: [Sport Level] 6:00 / Felt awesome about this workout! The last run was obviously the hardest part, but as long as you had pacing on your mind, it was great! Legs were feeling pretty sore from the time I woke up, so it may have attributed to the last run hurting.

Part C: 8x - :20W/:10R | Superman Hold + Hollow Rock Hold

Skill Programming: N/A


No Hatch today, per coach's (and my own body's) request. We instead worked on a 1RM Thruster. I was able to hit 125#, I believe. I broke it down to a power clean, pause, front squat/thrust it up. Worked pretty well with a heavier weight!

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:11  / Definitely a shorter night of sleep, but I still felt energized and excited for the workout! Also, I felt focused and not so sleep during the work day which is always a bonus.

Nutrition / SO PROUD of myself for hitting my macros spot on today. Yes, it did require a weird snack before bed, but that is totally fine by me. I really think I am starting to feel more energized and strong for my workouts, especially with the proper fueling. I am still struggling here and there to make sure most of my macros are hit for meals and snacks during the day, instead of having all those poverty macros for a weird meal at night, but it is all about progress.

07.16.2015 - Thursday


Oh my. So so sore after Tuesday's WOD still, and I'm certain the running probably added right on to that. I did a few air squats while at work, and also made sure to work on a little mobility at night. Hoping the soreness starts to go away before having to get on to Friday and Saturday's workouts.

Sleepsleep cycle = 6:52 / Oh the wonderful sleep I get blessed with on rest days. I still tried to wake up early, mostly so I could get my food all together for the day, and just have some 'me' time. As much as I could just sleep in late, I really like the ability to have a chunk of morning time to do whatever I feel like. This is the same goofy reason I get up early on weekends as well...

Nutrition / So close on this day to hitting my macros, so we will just say I did? Haha. I am working on making sure my protein is getting hit first (as per Madison's suggestion) and it has been working. I'm still not doing my rest day macros; while I know this could make a huge difference in the results I want to see, I'm going to try a couple weeks at my training day numbers because I feel it is what my body needs after being underfed/underfueled for so long.

07.17.2015 - Friday


Part A:

100 Dball Slams FT / 20# Dball

End Result: 4:38

Part B:

TABATA PARTY [:30W/:10R - 6 cycles - score is the lowest rep count of each movement]

Russian KB Swings (53#)



Empty Bar Push Press (35#)

End Result: 52 / Just going to say poor planning on this. I thought I was being smart by keeping the reps low and maintainable for the whole workout, but I certainly could have amped it up for some of the movements.

Sleepsleep cycle = 6ish, as usual / A slightly later bedtime, and while it wasn't ideal, I felt pretty okay for most of the day. Nothing else to really report. Always happy to have M3 back in my life.

Nutrition / Dealt with a pretty wonky stomach towards the end of the week, so I tried to keep my food simple. Didn't leave myself much snacking while at work, so I again had quite a few macros to add in for the rest of the night. I end up going over (I think it was mostly my carbs) and that is okay. There is no way we can be spot on AND live our life sometimes. Again, my protein was spot on, which I'm finding to be a small victory for me.

07.18.2015 - Saturday


We did a partner WOD, which I did with Leta (we were the only two at class). Each person had to do the same number of reps (10 and 10) but you could break it up however you found fit for strengths and weaknesses.

The WOD:


10 Deadlifts (125#)


30 Box Overs (20")

40 Wall Balls (10#)

50 Calorie Row

Max Effort Pull-Ups

End Result: Leta made it through 30ish calories, if I'm remembering correctly. I think we did a great job with how we broke it up for strengths and weaknesses.

Sleepsleep cycle = / Felt okay for most of the day, except when we were relaxing and winding down for the rest of the night. I ended up passing out on our couch bench from between 9-10pm, until quarter past 2am...oops. Five-ish hours there, and another five once in bed? Not too bad...

Nutrition / Didn't plan too well for fueling my day, but really tried to make up for it before bed. Hit my numbers - and then some. Yes, it is easy to get discourage when I go over my macros/calories, but because of how I want this approach to eating to be in my life, it is all good.

07.19.2015 - Sunday


The plan was to head to my dad's, get groceries, and relax for most of the day. The first two for sure happened, but the relaxing time was a little less than what I think we both wanted. It was so nice to be at my dad's and play with some of the littles there. An even bigger bonus of the day was going out for a late lunch with my dad and Matt at Tavern on the Hill. Matt and I were both craving burgers Saturday night, so it was nice to get the craving fulfilled sooner rather than later. Yes, I definitely stuffed myself, but it was SO AMAZING. We sped through getting our groceries, with the hope of being able to come home and relax with the kitten for the rest of the night.

Sleepsleep cycle = N/A / Forgot to turn on my Sleep Cycle app....oops! Up quite a bit later than what I'm used to, so I still ended up waking up at my 'normal' despite a later night. My energy was low for quite a bit of the day. I did feel pretty awake right away in the day, but my energy slumped late afternoon. My bet is on a little dehydration and little sleep.

Nutrition / No tracking today - just eating what the body craves (within reason). I'll go to bed tonight knowing I didn't eat as much as I should, and not hitting my macros dead on, but I'm fine with that. It was nice just to eat what sounded good. Body was craving a burger last night, so eating that today was pretty nice. I had a really small breakfast (read: just a protein bar) and we didn't eat until after noon, so I was hungry. I have come to learn that when my body craves a burger, it usually just wants all the macros at once, and pretty calorically dense. Totally fine with that!