Thinking Out Loud #6

Wow, some weeks just take it right out of you... After starting this week on my own at my job (coworker just had her baby girl!), it has been a slightly crazy week getting adapted to an almost one woman show. Plus, considering the week started on little sleep, it has been hard to feel refreshed, focused and awake.

BUT! I'm also coming at you with my third post this week, which makes me pretty proud (edited to add links to my Monday and Tuesday posts!). I'm trying to dedicate time during the weekend to blog - and being strict about it - and it is working! Obviously if life comes up, I deal with it, but making sure I do dedicate that time has been really great.

And before I continue to ramble on, here comes the thinking! [As always, a thank you to Amanda for hosting!]


1. Over the weekend, Matt and I ventured out to Barnes and Noble. As much as I am trying to cut down unnecessary spending and stay on track with money, a 'real' book sounded absolutely lovely. I've caught up on my Kindle here and there, as well as just purchasing Kindle version (it is a bit cheaper) of books, so it felt extra special to head to B&N. I picked up Girl Online (by the amazing Zoe Sugg aka Zoella) and really love it so far.

[ source ]

2. I'm YouTube obsessed, and totally loving it. I've been watching videos at night, instead of catching up on blogs, and I sort of love the change of routine. While Zoella hasn't had too many new uploads, I've been staying busy with Anna Saccone's channel, as well as the Saccone-Joly's. Other favorites: Ashley, Brittany & another new channel - Maryana Dvorska!

3. Humidity is better than dry air, but really stinks in a 2nd floor duplex with no way to power window units. Quite certain I was going to pass out this weekend because of the humidity/heat, but obviously survived. While I love the beauty summer brings, I could stand the temperatures a little cooler. And did I mention the gym feels sort of gross with humidity in the air? Girl needs more spandex shorts in her life.


4. Eat to Perform is making my body so happy, and I am glad I finally jumped in! Weight has grown to mean close to nothing in my mind, with the focus being directed on appearance/feel and what my body can do. But after my last physical, I was feeling a little discouraged about the scale and knew I wanted to change for me . I started ETP almost right after that. And here is where I get really honest: I was at 162# - highest weight ever. I know I've added on so much muscle, but I could see in the mirror and in my clothes something could change. I started ETP with the goal of getting better at fueling myself - and it has worked. But even more exciting: I'm now at 158#! Without even 'trying' to lose weight! And...end ramble.

5. I have to give a few little shoutouts to some amazing girls who are helping me with my ETP/IIFYM/macros journey: Madison, Allie and Laura. Much love to you girls! Have girls I can shoot an easy email or message to when the questions come up is amazing. I believe to make the changes we want in life, we need to have support + help along the way.

6. Pure Pharma M3 is back in my life and saving my sleep. I go one night without it and the insomnia hits. I've had thoughts it might be a placebo effect, but I also really think the magnesium adds exactly what it needs to in my body. And that is fine by me. Next trip to Target: I'm getting epsom salts for baths on the days I'm uber sore so I can sleep like a baby.


7. And I think I've officially ramble on long enough. I'll say I'm looking forward to this weekend, with lots of down time. I have a few good to-do's on my list, so you know I'll be working on accomplishing those!




Is there a supplement in your life you simply can't live without?

Favorite Youtube channel?

How's the weather in your hometown?