It's Currently / July 2015

Current Book: Sexy by Nature (by Stefani Ruper). It has been an informational read, and really makes me want to focus on the food and nutrients I am putting in my body. Biggest focus now is - my sleep. And a little Kill Cliff on the side never hurts. IMG_7795

Current Music: Fight Song by Rachel Platten. And the Pandora station that goes along with it as well.

Current [Non]-Guilty Pleasure: I had to follow Amanda's switch for this currently. Blogging for the month of June went out the window, except for my Bridge Built updates I published here and there. While I could dwell on how I didn't post as much as I would have liked...why? Why let something like blogging put a negative influence on my life. And since blogging is a rekindled hobby with my new blog, I have to 'go with the flow' and know it will all work out how it looks in my head eventually.

Current Celebration: Leftovers. With how humid our apartment has been, leftovers are a lifesaver for dinner. This was a total winner this week: all the green veggies!


Current Nail Color: Nothing as of now, but hoping to get a pretty hot pink on my nails before the weekend ends. I know it'll probably chip in a heart beat, but I like feeling a little girl here and there.

Current Drink: Spark. And lots of H2O. I am pretty sure I was dealing with a touch of dehydration on Saturday so I'm focusing on getting a decent water intake in the coming days.


Current Food: Craving sweet potatoes. So that's next on the list of to-do's for this Sunday. Even if it means heating up our apartment.

Current Obsession: Zoe Sugg and Jonathan & Anna Saccone-Joly (and Anna's personal channel!). Obsessed with watching their YouTube videos. Totally make my days.

Current Wish: To see my sister + nieces, far away (aka, Cities) friends, my momma, and Nicole + Rad.

Current Need: An overhaul on my schedule. Don't worry - I'm working on it.

Current Bane of My Existence: It never fails. The answer is always dishes. I'm convinced we just need to pack up some of our dishes (or put them out of sight) so they stop piling up. They are driving me mad. Silver lining: they are almost ALL clean.

Current Indulgence: A chai tea latte from Perk Place on Friday definitely felt pretty indulgent.


Current Purchase: Pure Pharma M3. Can't wait for it to come to help supplement my sleep.

Current Procrastination: Donating boxes of clothing and goods...since the three I currently have filled are just chilling out on our steps (don't worry - those steps are inside). And tidying up some areas in our apartment that have just become 'catch-alls' for everything.

Current Confession: No bra days are the best days.

Current Blessing: A morning devoid of social media. It was glorious and needs happen more often. And this little kitten keeping me company when Matt is at work.


Current Excitement: Life.

Current Holy Moly: It is almost half through July. Summer goes by so much quicker as an adult.

Current Mood: Blissful. After two nights of solid sleep and two days filled with relaxing, life is full of bliss.

Current Link: The Angry Therapist blog posts have been absolutely spot on. "What if today..." really resonated with me this week. Also, theSkimm is probably going to be what I looked forward to in my inbox every day. Such an easy way to stay caught up on what is going on around the world and in the US.

Current Mantra: 'Positive Vibes Only'. Self-explanatory.

What is your current...


Holy Moly?