07.10.2015 thru 07.12.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

07.10.2015 - Friday

REST DAY / After seeing the WOD on Thursday night, I knew I would be better off taking another rest day. So that's what I did. With heavy deadlifts coming up on Saturday, I thought the extra day of rest would be beneficial for the heavy lifting ahead.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 7:03 / Third night of seven hours of sleep and I feel it is truly helping my happiness and also my muscle recovery. I am so excited to attack next week, and get after all the WODs and Hatch squats. It sure helped sleeping in since I didn't have to get up and WOD.

Nutrition / JUST struggling a little bit today. And other days as well. I was 12g short for protein, missed 35g of carbohydrates and, luckily, 1g away from hitting my fats. I'm hoping to sit down over the weekend and plan out my meals just a little better so I can hit my macros better. Hopefully the ETP forum will be helpful with this!

07.11.2015 - Saturday

Granite Games Qualifier 15.4

  • 10 Deadlifts (105#)
  • 3 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (125#)
  • 6 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (145#)
  • 9 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (165#)
  • 12 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (185#)
  • 15 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (205#)
  • Max Pull-Ups

End Result: 89 reps / final tiebreak time

Made it through all 10 deadlifts of 185#, and 9 pull-ups! Hoped I would have been able to hit all 15 reps, but it is totally okay!

Pretty proud of the composure I had during this WOD. Coming in to it, I told myself I'd be breaking up all pull-ups into sets of 3 reps. I was able to keep this up for most of the sets, but knew dropping down to two would still keep me moving when I jumped back up. Deadlifts = awesome. I didn't hit 205# - and that is OKAY. Considering it is my last 1RM, I was nervous about getting back to it.

Skill Programming: x5 Max Effort Handstand Walk / Only hit about 3 steps, but I focused on keeping my core tight and kicking up my second leg stronger. Also, baby steps! I was getting too overzealous before by trying to take larger steps, so the smaller steps are really helping me. The max effort of steps I was able to get felt more solid than any other attempt!

Sleep / sleep cycle = 9:22 / NAILED IT. Gosh, I can't even begin to say how nice it was to get so much sleep, especially before the qualifier. Since Matt didn't have to get up early (he started work at 9 today), I was able to sleep in a little. Sounds like a weird excuse, but usually when he has early shifts, I'm up when his early alarm goes off - and that's usually okay! I'm hoping this is the jumpstart I needed.

Nutrition / Finding today to be pretty good in regards to my nutrition. Fats are already getting high (thanks to ice cream...) but I can work with that! Our stir-fry tonight should be light on the fat, while still giving me plenty of carbs and protein. I am planning on a protein shake, if needed, to help hit those numbers. Plan for today: email a close friend on her journey with tracking macros.

07.12.2015 - Sunday

REST DAY / Holy moly - sore hammies from all those deadlifts yesterday. Focus today - lots of stretching & mobility. I am really trying to focus on all aspects of my health instead of only my physical health. After longish weeks, I am trying to keep my weekends open to relaxing.

Sleepsleep cycle =7:06 / Plus about 3ish more hours maybe? I forgot to turn on my app and when I suddenly woke up close to one is when I turned it on. So I'll say it was around 9 hours and be totally happy and content with that! I'm feeling amazing this weekend, and plan to have it roll over into this week as well.

Nutrition / Intuitive eating today. I needed a mental break from tracking, which is important to me as I continue along with ETP. So the only 'nutrition' I am focusing on today is my water intake since I felt pretty dehydrated on Saturday.