07.08.2015 + 07.09.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

07.08.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A:

0:00-3:00 / Strict Pull-Ups [with orange band]

3:01-6:00 / Kipping Pull-Ups

End Result: 18 Strict / 16 Kipping

Went much better than I thought, and the strict pull-ups didn't seem so bad. Obviously it will be cool to try once I can knock out strict pull-ups, but I can definitely tell I've gotten stronger as well.

Part B:

3 RFT:

400m Run

5 Power Snatches (65#)

5 OHS (65#)

End Result: 9:18 / To me, this was a perfectly balanced (and quick!) workout. The 400m runs were perfectly manageable with the three rounds, and the lower reps were nice as well. The snatches felt good; I felt a few where I was dropping underneath, which means it is on my mind. Would like to talk more time to work on OHS soon - to build up strength, and work on form.

Part C: 30 Turkish Get-Ups (25#)

TOTALLY killer, but really fun to work on. Mary and I were the only ones to fully complete all the reps, and I found out later it was taken off the board for the day.


Back Squats - W8D2

  • 2x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 3x5 @ 70% - 125#

Definitely was dealing with some sore hips, so the first few sets were a little rough. After I felt warm, the weight felt good and I was able to get through the reps at a nice pace, instead of having to slow them down. My knee was feeling creaky, but after a little Deep Blue, it felt tons better.

Front Squats - W8D2

  • 4x5 @ 60% - 90#

Again, this weight + reps + sets felt really good. After Michael's cue on Monday, I made sure to have the bar back to my throat and only had my first two fingers on the bar. Breathing was spot on and it was a nice weight to do for four sets. Knees also felt solid (no wobbling in).

Skill/Strength: None, really. Ryan was having us work on handstand work, which was my skill programming for the day.

Skill Programming - 4 x 20 Shoulder Taps / Finally was able to have Ryan watch and help me troubleshoot this skill movement. Unknown to me, I CAN actually do shoulder taps. I just have to make sure my position is right and start with side-to-side movement before being able to lift my hands.

Sleepsleep cycle = 7 / FINALLY had 7 hours of sleep and it felt so so good. Being able to wake up and feel sort of ready to go before Spark was really nice. I'm hoping to keep this trend up in the days to come.

Nutrition / Still working up to my training day macros, so it is going really well. I'm excited to finish working up and start doing my rest & training day macros. I'm still trying to figure out the balance for all my meals and snacks. While I'm going over, and come in under, with some of them, I am just working on getting as close as I can for now and will contact ETP for more personalized help. I know I would be able to sit down and figure out the balance.

07.09.2015 - Thursday

REST DAY / Felt so so good. I have 4 x 15 Burpees AFAP, with 1 minute rest, on my programming - I am coming off of feel so exhausted this week, so I might dedicate extra time to mobility instead.

Nutrtion / Macros are finally set for my training days starting today. Protein & fat has remained the same...carbs just keep on going up, which is keeping me happy.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 7:04 / YES is all I can say. But, I did wake up with a pretty bad headache, and that persisted for most of the day. Staying hydrated to hopefully overcome this.