07.07.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A:

2x 25 DU's AFAP - with about :30 rest / Back squats were listed for the rest of the class,  but with Tuesday being in between my two days of Hatch, I did skill work. I was only able to get two sets in before the WOD. Did not go so well today, but was able to link up to three. I'm still noticing my arms moving out and back, and feel there is something 'off' when it comes to my jump.

Part B: (Sport Level - scaled down)

For Time | 21-15-9

SDHP (85# instead of 95#)


  • End Result: 9:18 / Didn't pay attention to the clock at all, so when I noticed the rest of the class getting done, I felt my time was going to be around 15 min. (time was apparently moving at a different pace today in my head). I was really happy to see under 10 minutes, especially since I was doing TTB this workout. The weight was challenging, which is what I really wanted for this WOD. Cues: Still need to work on something with my TTB. I was focusing on keeping my legs more straight before kicking up to the rig, which I think was working. The pull back of my lats is where I think I'll need work. This might be a good skill to work on next round of programming.

Part C:

Superman Holds - :30W / :10R

Skill Programming:

2x 25 DU's AFAP - with about :30 rest / Right off the bat, hit 10 DU's in a row...which feels like a new PR after not having my DU's for quite some time. Last time I hit that was during LSUS. One by one after that, but was still excited to feel some progressing. As Ryan said, I am probably overthinking it; so when I 'just do', my body remembers what it needs to do.


Sleepsleep cycle = 6:26 / Obviously looks like more sleep than the previous night, but I had trouble falling asleep. I am quite certain this is a result of 3 Sparks catching up with me. I had debated before falling asleep about resting today, but when I woke up, I felt okay. So WOD it was. None of that Spark madness for the rest of this week so I can get some decent sleep. Thought it was maybe hunger keeping me up, but when I got up, my body felt like it needed water and ibuprofen. Dehydration might have been the cause.

Nutrition / Yesterday was pretty good in the eats department, especially since I didn't get overly hungry during sport class. After getting home from the WOD, my stomach was a little sick feeling. Thinking this came from the stir fry leftovers I had being rich on my stomach. Scale is dead (needs new batteries) so it will be an estimating day, which I think it is a good challenge. Contacting ETP today (again) to see what the status is of my forum membership. Really need to find guidance on planning & balancing my meals out.