07.06.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A: 10 EMOM

10 reps American KB Swing (45#) / Such a tough EMOM, but it felt good to work through an end result of 100 total KB swings at 45#. I want to get more comfortable at this weight before hitting 53# for all workouts. I know I could do 53#, but I'm willing to talk the time to step back and work my way up.

Part B: (Sport Level)


Burpee Box Overs


8 Pwr Cleans (95#)

8 Box Jumps (20")

  • End Result: 35 reps + 2+6 Pwr Cleans

Part C:

3 x 15 Candlesticks

Skill Programming:

4 UB Kipping Pull-Ups x10 with :45sec. rest / First 5 sets were four reps and second 5 sets were three reps. I scaled accordingly because of how my body was feeling, and my hands were tender as well.


Back Squats - W8D1

  • 1x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 130#
  • 1x5 @ 80% - 140#

Definitely stiff as I started these squats, but remembered to just take it slow. My body felt a little off in regards to how my legs were moving and how my back was set; after warming up, this went away. I squatted without a belt and knees sleeves, and it did feel a bit freeing to me.

Front Squats - W8D1

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#

Again, these felt a little off. After getting a cue from Coach Michael, my elbows were dropped and the bar was not pushed back into my neck. I need to remember to let it rest more on my shoulders, and just let my two fingers hold on as I squat.

Strength / Skill

Thrusters - form & technique

x5, rest with deep breath, x2 @ 65# - 3 sets / Cues: Elbows up! Pushing/pressing too early, so I need to make sure I'm at full extension before letting the bar go up. I was pushing out and around (making it harder) so more focus needs to be put on keeping it straight and knocking my head back, if need be. Make sure to wait until arms/bar comes down before squatting to get to the next thruster rep. Big difference when focus was put on how the bar was moving, especially in relation to my own body.

Skill Programming / Handstand Walk x10 attempts (for distance)

2/3/4/1/2/2/2/3/2/2 - Felt pretty good after getting cues. One attempt kind of hyper-extended my elbow, but it wasn't painful.

Cues: tight core, small steps - not so fast/big on the first two steps, needing to work up to those bigger steps, focus on getting the small steps now, kick up second leg faster to get balance.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:02 / After a three-day holiday weekend, I know all nights, Thursday through Saturday, I went to bed far too late. Because of that, I also had a late bedtime on Sunday, making this morning for the WOD seem extra sleepy. I'm going to put focus this week on getting into bed sooner, and making time to read. I want to strive for closer to 7 hours. I was pretty tired throughout the entire day, and ended up drinking 3 Sparks!

Nutrition / I don't even know where to begin with Eat to Perform, but I think I found the 'perfect' eating lifestyle for myself. Right now, we are working up my calories to get to my necessary carbohydrate macros. After this week, I'll be right up where I need to be. I'm still working on getting added to the online forum, where I hope to get help on balancing meals. I've been dealing with many nights of poverty macros, and really want to get away from that. I feel so fed and happy, and definitely feel like I am performing better in the gym as well.