06.09.2015 Bridge Built Entry


0:00-3:00 Box Pike HSPU

3:00-6:00 HSPU on wall

Reps: 30 / 9 (I did negatives for the HSPU's on the wall, with an abmat and 25# plates under both hands).



6 Dball Shuttle Runs (10#, down and back)

12 Burpees

End Result: 3 + 3 / SORE legs, so I just took this one slow today. I liked the laidback nature of the WOD today.


C: 100 Flutter Kicks (4 count)

D: Four Square

Skill Programming / Doing the pike HSPU and some negatives will definitely count towards working on my HSPU and upper body strength. Still trying to find a time where I will be able to meet with Ryan and discuss my next set of programming.

Sleep / Just over 6 hours, so not my best, but felt okay getting to the gym. Those 6 hours still felt solid. Woke up pretty sore, and in hope my body would remember how to run.

Nutrition / A little frustrated with flexible dieting right now, but still telling myself it is a learning journey and there is no reason to get frustrated since it is an entirely new habit for me. Eating has been good. Went to bed bloated last night, and was unsure of what caused it. Woke up in the morning feeling just fine.