06.08.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 5:20am A: Skill Work - x6 1' KTW and ~x10 2' KTW with two steps

The rest of the class was doing back squats, and since I come in at night for the sport class and to do Hatch, Coach Sarah just advised to work on some skill work. While I immediately thought of working on pull-ups or deficit HSPU, I knew I wanted to save my upper body for the workout. Doing the KTW has really helped with getting comfortable moving upside down; no problems here with really being upside down. I had about 4 that were successful, meaning I had two good steps and ended up against the wall. This has been a good drill for me to just focus on where my body may be giving out.

B: FT 21-15-9

Curtis P's (65#)

Unbroken Wall Balls (14#)

End Result: 17:07 / I was hoping to hit closer to 15 minutes, but was still satisfied in finishing under 20 minutes. The Curtis P's definitely build on one another, especially because a lot of movement is involved to get just one rep. I had a system of switch which leg went first, and felt it helped me mentally work through the reps. Since wall balls are one of my favorite movements, it was fun to strive for doing them unbroken - which was successful. If I were to repeat this WOD again, I would try to break up the Curtis P's into larger sets, instead of smaller, and not have to drop the bar as much.


Back Squats

  • 1x8 @ 65% - 115#
  • 1x8 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x6 @ 80% - 140#
  • 1x6 @ 85% - 150#

Front Squats

  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 110#
  • 1x5 @ 80% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 85% - 125#

Squats felt HEAVY this week, but I didn't have to scale back at all, so it was good. When it gets heavy for my back squats, I need to really remember to push my knees out to the sides. I have a feeling I'll be pretty sore from these squats, and also the Curtis P's from the morning WOD.

Skill + Strength Work - Hang Snatch / 65#

LOTS of work for me when it comes to this movement, but will to put it in. A few of the cues I can remember from Ryan are:

  • throwing my head back
  • waiting until my hips have reached full extension before bending my arms at all
  • pulling my shoulder blades back, like I'm holding a pencil
  • getting the bar to the hip pocket; missing 6 inches by not doing this
  • always...dropping under the bar quicker

Some night, some week, it will all come together and look great. There was one rep, for sure, that I felt my hips extend and arms move at the right moments, so there is progress being made here and there. I didn't do any squat snatches, as I was trying to be more focused on all the positions before.

Skill Programming - Still waiting on getting our next round of programming, so there wasn't anything to do after squats and our skill/strength work. I do count working on my KTW during the morning class as my skill for the day, so it works for me. I selected working on HSPU and DU's for this next set and plan to sit down with Ryan to make sure it will start at my ability level and progress to hard skill work

Sleep / Wide awake at 4:30am because I thought I forgot to set my alarm - I didn't. So I ended up just getting up and ready to get to the gym. Despite not having any pre-workout at the moment, I felt my energy was pretty good before and during the WOD, so just over 6 hours seemed fine for tonight. Striving for a little more tonight into Tuesday. The rest of the day has been pretty sleepy, but I've been making it through.

Nutrition / FINALLY woke up without an upset stomach. After having minor dairy intake on Friday and Saturday nights (sort of on accident), not having a stomachache is a definite plus. I am going through a period of no cravings/no appetite so it is all about just getting some food down. Hard in the morning after a WOD to not have an appetite since the body does need to refuel!