It's Currently / June 2015

Happy Monday! Maybe one month I'll be able to get an 'It's Currently' post up before a few days of the month has already passed, but it is all about progress. A week in is fine by me, especially since it takes that long for it to actually feel like a new month! I woke up on Thursday with this super raspy voice, and wonder if it is a side effect of finally getting over this cold. Side note on that: I actually surprised myself when I spoke to Lumi after getting up. As Mary said, "Lol. Sexy voice day", and it totally cracked me up. But seriously. That was the voice I'm dealing with.

This weekend, it was nice to not have as much on the agenda...even though as I was doing my planner last Monday, I realized June is almost just as busy on the weekends as May was. But I'm loving it, since this month includes lots of family and gym family events, as well as being able to see one of my best friends when she comes up from the cities.



Current Book: I finally finished "If I Stay" on Thursday, after reading it before bed a few nights a week. Finishing it meant I can finally see the movie, which is next on our DVD queue on Netflix! New goal for this week: find another book to read.

Current Music: And We Danced came back into my life after putting it on a mix CD for my road trip, and I can't complain. Yes, some of the lyrics are a little 'out there' but all it makes me want to do is dance. I'm also loving all songs from Hoizer, and wishing CrossFit would post their playlists from Regionals.


Current Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in last Thursday. It was more needed than I thought.

2015-06-04 22.14.40-1

Current Nail Color: Essie Perennial Chic. It is just on my toes, only because it started to chip on my hands. Plan is to paint them before the weekend ends.

Current Drink: Water. Keeping it pretty simple this week. I also just downed an iced Oprah cinnamon chai with coconut milk.

Current Food: All of it? I don't have an immediate favorite now, and I'm finding that a little weird. I have to say, the mint chocolate chunk Quest Bar was pretty amazing...

2015-06-02 15.54.12

Current Obsession: My Pure Pharma M3. Girl has never slept so good.

Current Wish: That flexible dieting could come easier. I'm not letting it get me down, but the hardest part is figure out the balance to hit my macros every day. These first couple of weeks will certainly be a huge learning curve, and altering my eats I've always had, and adding in new ones. Also, a thank you has to go out to Laura for being able to help me and check my daily diaries; I've been a victim of incorrect food logging! So glad to have one of my friends along on my journey.

Current Need: An entire day off with Matt - it's been ridiculously long since our last day date. What that day would entail: sleeping in, breakfast together, a coffee run, simple lunches at home, dinner out on the town, and then coming home to watch Netflix. It is the simple things in life. We did have a pie + ice cream date on Friday, which was quite fun.

2015-06-05 16.48.13

Current Triumph: Consistent blogging. Turquoise Lining has been a little blessing in my life.

Current Bane of My Existence: Dishes. Always the darn dishes.

Current Indulgence: S'mores Oreos.

Current Procrastination: Still calling IIN. But I've realized it might not be the right time RIGHT NOW. As much as I want to start this journey towards being a health/life coach, I have to put my priorities in place. My goal is to talk with them before the end of 2015; who knows, a great deal may come up for their tuition. In the meantime, I'm also procrastinating saving up for my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification. I think an update will come to the blog soon with the plan of action I should follow, instead of doing it all at once.

Current Blessing: Rest days. If my body is expected to go hard for the first three days of the week, Thursdays will be wonderful. Hello sleeping in! And Sundays off as well? I love. Those mornings always call for the simple a sample of Progenex Cookies 'n' Cream More Muscle!

2015-06-04 07.23.03

Current Excitement: Life. Is that too vague? If we get into more specifics, I'm excited for my beautiful cousin Hanna's wedding this coming weekend. I love family time!

Current Mood: Calm. A change for the better after feeling stressed in May.

Current Link: The 7 Questions I Asked That Seriously Saved My Life [click for article]. Such an interesting article from Greatist, and really had me thinking about my life as well. When we don't ask for what we want or wish, we cannot be upset when some of them don't become part of our lives. If we don't ask, we aren't trying.


What is your current: for me?

...blessing? & drink?