06.06.2015 + 06.07.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

06.06.2015 - Saturday

Team WOD / Haley, Jade, Kelsey & Mary - waterfall effect through each movement

25-calories row / team member hold deadlift @ 165#

25 power cleans @ 85# / team member hold static farmer's carry @ 53# kettlebells

25 pull-ups / team member hold dead hang

50 wall balls / team member hold wall sit with 20# dball

End Result - We just had a lot of fun during this workout. After Friday's WOD and being pretty sore, the power cleans felt heavy for me today, but having Haley cheer me through was awesome as she held on with the kettlebells. I was so thankful to have Jade and Mary cheering me through when they could as well. It was fun just to move rep for rep with these girls by my side.

Skills Workshop / Double Unders

Still working on getting those darn DU's down. It was good to use the wiffle ropes to see where my hands were moving throughout the movement. We talked about getting singles down, and then working towards the single-single-double movement. I was feeling off, and also hit a point of anger/frustration, so I knew it was time to stop. I'm hoping to find time to work with coaches in the future to see what might be off for me.

Sleep / I was a bit sleepy waking up on Saturday morning, but nevertheless, I made a simple breakfast and had a few sips of Mary's pre-workout. I felt good once it was time to start the WOD. I did get over 7 hours of sleep, so it must have been the week just catching up with me.

Nutrition / Accidentally ate a sandwich with cheese on it, and felt the effects of it in the morning. Again, once I got to the gym, my stomach was feeling fine. I made the decision to mentally monitor my eating this weekend, and start logging again in MFP on Monday with a little more planning for my meals. Also, I was able to try my new Progenex Build and Recovery, and really love the products!

06.07.2015 - Sunday

Rest Day! I have an urge to go for a walk or an easy run, so we will see what the day brings.

What The Day Brought: Lots of relaxing, which may have been more needed. Instead of getting out to run or walk in the sun, I sat out on our deck and ready for a couple of hours. It was a complete rest day, and I feel proud for following through with it instead of piling on chores and what not.