06.04.2015 + 06.05.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

06.04.2015 - Thursday

Rest Day / It was much needed after finally making it through all morning WODs Monday-Wednesday, and the sport classes on Monday and Wednesday. I was able to sleep in, which felt amazing, and also spent 15 minutes in the morning stretching out. I was glad to take time in the morning to get ready for work and come home right away to relax after work.

06.05.2015 - Friday



Power Snatch (65#)



Wall Balls (14#)

Thrusters (65#)


Power Cleans (65#)

Bar Over Burpees

End Result: 24.32 / This was a tough workout (and very sweaty!) but I ended up really liking the variety it held. My game plan was to break up the reps as I saw necessary, and it worked for most of the movements. I won't go into detail about how each was broken up, but being able to keep up with what I had in mind for each moment was great. I am realizing I need to add more heavy upper body work because I felt that was what made some of the movements slow down, especially for the snatches, which I had to break up the most.

Sleep / After being able to get in bed early on Thursday night, my sleep was spot on for this WOD. Again, I can't stop saying amazing things about the M3 product from Pure Pharma. I still bought some Progenex Force pre-workout since I wanted to have good energy to get through this WOD (knowing it would be a long one).

Nutrition / Took a break for Friday on logging in MFP to give myself a mental break. Not that I don't want to continue with flexible dieting, but I know myself well enough that I need to ease into it and monitor if I feel negative thoughts will come from logging my food again. After the WOD, Mary and I went out for our weekly breakfast, which I couldn't even finish! Also, my new Progenex products came in, and I am so excited. I hope to order More Muscle soon as well.