Thinking Out Loud #5

While a few Bridge Built entries made their way to the public eye on the blog, I've been a little behind on getting my normal routine back this week. After my weekend away in the cities for the Central Regionals, I came back home and jumped right into the work week. I may still feel a little exhausted, but I'm making it through. I have felt quite inspired and have some posts just waiting for a little more time from me before they hit the published status. So instead, I'll just let my mind let loose.

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1. It isn't hard for me to become inspired by someone in the CrossFit community every day. Whether it is a friend at my gym, a friend in another state, or an elite athlete I follow on Instagram, the inspiration to better myself and become a better human/athlete is always there. Heading to Regionals this past weekend was that same inspiration I see every day, but x100. Julie Foucher will always be my inspiration; not only as an athlete, but as a human in this lovely world.

2015-05-29 13.41.02

2. Still rocking a bit of a funk, but I've been so much better about taking the time for me this week. I've read (a little) about the Mercury Retrograde we are in now - and I am definitely attributing this off feeling to good ol' Mercury. The upside about this week's funks? I'm adding turquoise linings everywhere. Positivity has been on an upswing this week.

3. Finally got on My Fitness Pal and started to track for my journey in flexible dieting...and it is hard. I'm just eat as normal and tracking to start to see where changes need to happen. It is certainly going to be process, and I hope it starts to get a little easier. I have to not get down about being over on macros and know it will all find its place.

2015-06-02 18.14.55

4. I felt old school last week when I burned some mixed CDs for my drive to the Cities. Girl is on a budget and doesn't have the extra money for the fancy iPhone connect up, so CDs it is. I actually enjoyed the process, and really want to use up my stack of blank ones to make a few more!

5. FINALLY made it through my CrossFit schedule for once. I'm pretty certain taking time off because I was sick helped my mental state and strength to do it. Oh, and maybe that I haven't been killing myself with the sport WODs and have stuck with life. Totally doing wonders for the body this week. I feel more peace and inspiration in the gym this week, and despite a down feeling day during Tuesday's WOD - we are in a full upswing.

6. S'mores Oreos = new favorite treat. That's all.

7. SO EXCITED for my rest day today. I love my gym family oh so much, but a morning and evening at home sounds heavenly this week. I'm also excited for a relaxing Sunday at home. While I have a tendency to put more tasks on my to-do lists on down days, I am trying to just to relax. {Recycled photo - but yes, this kind of relaxing.}

2015-05-24 08.00.49

8. THIS VIDEO. This song on its own can bring me to tears at the right moment. Paired with this dancing? Wow.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

9. M3 from Pure Pharma is slowly changing my life - and my sleep. I'm so thankful for taking the time to talk with the guys at the booth and tell them my woes against insomnia. More on that in coming days. So happy to finally be taking the necessary steps to help my insomnia.

10. FINALLY made it to 10, and what to end on? How grand sleeping in sounds and taking a staycation in Duluth with my love.


Have you ever taken a staycation in your town?

What are your favorite songs at the moment you'd put on a mix CD?

S'mores Oreos - have you tried them?