06.02.2015 Bridge Built Entry

A: For Time: 800M run, 3 min. rest / 0:00-3:49

400M run, 2 min. rest / 6:49-8:33

200M run / 10:33-11:15

End Result: 11:15 / All segments felt great, despite feeling some of my cold in my respiratory system. I'm really proud of the pace I was able to keep throughout the 800M and the push I found to really get through the 200M. I'd love to be able to test this again soon.


100 Deadlifts (75#)

50 Pull-ups

25 Wall Balls (14#)

End Result: 124 reps / Found myself pretty upset after this WOD. While the DL's felt fine, I felt heavy during the pull-ups and couldn't seem to link them like I have been. I am hoping it is just because of some rest time away after building up a little more strength, and hope to feel better in the days to come with pull-ups.

C: 100 Abmats / I really love little exercises like this. I believe I was able to finish in about 6 minutes, with rest in between a few larger sets.

Sleep / Rocking the 6.5hours of sleep this week and owning it. I'm hoping to get to a point where 7-7.5hours is my forever normal, but I am dealing with what works! I didn't feel as sleepy this morning at the gym...but it may have been from the Force I drank on the way to the gym.

Nutrition / Still working through figuring out flexible dieting for myself. I started to log my meals/days into MFP this week and find I'm over on calories, but still hungry no matter what. This is my week to find the balance in my diet and see where I can make a few little changes to better fuel my body every day. I am so glad to be back on taking a recovery shake - thanks Progenex!