05.27.2015 thru 05.31.2015 Bridge Built Update.

This update will cover all days, instead of the daily updates which usually happen in the compilations. As we may already know, Monday (the 25th) the afternoon hit and I started to feel a pretty bad sore throat coming on. And while I ended up still working out on Tuesday (the 26th), and it felt fine, the rest of the week was not so blessed when it came to how I was feeling. My head consistently hurt and the swallowing hurt pretty bad as well. After talking it out with Mary, rest seemed to be exactly what I needed. And we couldn't have been more right. While mentally I wanted to be in the gym, my physical body kept telling me I needed the rest. As Regionals went on, I started to feel better and excited to get myself in the gym the following Monday.

My sleep was the best it had been in so long; helps not waking up to WOD around 4:45am. Everything happens for a reason in my eyes, and getting sick was a sign I needed to rest and slow down and honor my body the rest it was craving underneath that cold.