Thinking Out Loud #4

This was a wonderful little week, since I only had to work Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Our office was closed for Memorial Day on Monday, and I took off this Friday to head down to Minneapolis to watch the CrossFit Central (Super) Regional - so excited! This ToL feels extra special, since today is my Friday. Sorry for the randomness of my posting this week! As much as I tried to crack open my Mac to do some scheduled posts, I spent more time over the three-day weekend relaxing. I really need to get on board with an editorial calendar...

Anyways - shout out to Amanda for hosting today!


1. Let's just say I'm pretty certain Murph gave me a cold. A tough workout = a shock to my immune system. While I felt okay working out on Tuesday, I woke up with the feeling of an elephant in my head on Wednesday, so rest day once again. I'm thankful it is more on the cold side than the flu side. I can totally deal with the sore throat and runny nose? Fever and possibly vomit - no thanks. Goal is to rest up this week and come back healthier next week!

2. While I am so excited to attend Regionals, I am even more excited about being able to stay with my best friend, Nicole, while in Minneapolis. She moved almost a year ago, and while we see each other here and there, I know it will be great being able to spend a little more time with her. I'm hoping to have a few coffee dates at Spyhouse and hopefully try Truce!

3. My mind has been in a funk lately, and it has been a negative one. I've been working on getting out of it on my own, but on Tuesday night, Matt and I had a little chat. And wow, my perspective on everything has changed. It helped so much to hear a new view on my 'worries'. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling a bit better - despite the cold thing going on in my head.

4. On the topic of funks... Finally admitting something was off has really helped me to search for more positivity, instead of just feeling down. Yay for dealing with feelings & funks! I'm hoping to get some more blog posts out in hopes sharing will help to get me through this patch. In the mean time, I know I'll be reading up on all my blogs; you never know where you will find inspiration!

5. Best advice this week - rest. I think I may have pushed myself over what I can handle right now. In regards to work and training, my body seems to be taking a bit of a beating. Getting sick? A sign to slow down and rest. My mind is antsy about being back in the gym, but I also know resting and recovering will help to get me back stronger. And while I may not want the extra rest, it could be the difference between better and not better (thanks Mary!).

6. My mind is full of dreams I want to chase - seriously, there are close to 5 courses/certifications I want to achieve and I am totally struggling on how to plan those dreams out. Health coach through IIN, the Catalyst Course with The Angry Therapist, Jenna Kutcher Course, possibly becoming an NTP through the NTA, and of course, my CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certifications... Guess its time to really sit down and try to game plan these out.

7. I was hoping to push for 10 facts, but my head is starting to feel off again, and I'm a little dizzy. Its time for my sixth tumbler of water - yay for pushing fluids - and settling down for the night. If you have any crazy good cold remedies, I'd love to hear them.


What is your favorite caffeine fix?

Is rest as hard for you as it is for me sometimes? 

Do you struggle with admitting you are in a funk at times?